VIDEO. “You are defending the Islamic Republic”: RN Julien Odoul and Insoumise Clémentine Autain clash live on air

VIDEO. "You are defending the Islamic Republic": RN Julien Odoul and Insoumise Clémentine Autain clash live on air

Julien Odoul et Clémentine Autain sur le plateau de BFMTV ce dimanche. Capture X @BFMTV

Alors que les prises de parole de candidats et les réactions se multiplient après les premières estimations données à l’issue du premier tour des élections législatives. Présents sur le plateau de BFMTV, le député RN Julien Odoul et l’élue Clémentine Autain ont eu des échanges très musclés.

Since the results of the European elections, French political life has become increasingly tense. Between the unexpected alliance between the LR candidate Éric Ciotti and the RN, or the surprising voting instructions, tensions can arise which give rise to muscular exchanges live on television.

"It's going well ?"

This Sunday, the National Rally came first in the first round of the legislative elections with 34%, followed by the NFP with nearly 29%. Many triangulars are expected for the second round, from 285 to 315, which will be held on July 7, so the barrage against the RN has become the main objective for several parties which have given voting instructions. In particular Renaissance which calls for withdrawal if one of its candidates is in the second round in third position.

This is the case of Julien Odoul and Clémentine Autain, the two deputies did not mince their words while they were on the set of BFMTV. The elected RN wants to show the vision of the Republic of the LFI deputy. "What is the Republic that Madame Autain defends ? It’is the Islamic Republic", he said launched live.

These remarks made the main person concerned react. "It's going well ? But you're doing well, quietly ? You take note of what you are saying ?", she replied. "This is the climate in which these people are going to put the country", she added. Julien Odoul adds by explaining that Clémentine Autain would have marched with radical imams during a march.

"There is a very strong hatred that you fuel against Muslims and Arabs in this country. The problem with your political movement is that it liberates racism, she lamented, while Benjamin Duhamel also took up the RN deputy.

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