Videochat: the dog sacrificed herself for the sake of the employee’s child

The incident occurred July 19 in the Philippine city of kidapawan city, Cotabato province

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Видеошок: пес пожертвовал собой ради спасения годовалого ребенка

Dog saved toddler from the bite of a Cobra

Four-year-old dog Miley and white two year old Dachshund named moxie was saved a year-old baby from the deadly bite of a Cobra. According to the tabloid Daily Mail, the incident occurred on 19 July in the Philippine city of kidapawan city, Cotabato province.

Watch the video: dog rescued the child from a Cobra

As you can see in published sets of shots, two home dog bravely fought with the snake. A few seconds, the Cobra writhed and tried to crawl away, but two pet chased her from the site. Then the snake rushed to the front door, but moxie and Miley bit her and dragged from the house. According to the owners, the room slept their one year old daughter Skye.

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About how the dog saved puppies and became a star of the Internet, look at the video below:

As a result of hard fight, the Cobra and dog Miley died. Moxie survived, but was blinded by snake venom.
The owner of the house and Skye’s father, Jaime Selim remembers that he and his wife during the incident was at work, and the child was watched by the servants. “When we arrived, the housekeeper showed us a video and told me what happened. We are very proud of our dogs, the man says. I’m so grateful to them that they saved the life of Skye. We will miss Miley”.

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