[VIDEOS] Touring TD musiparc: nearly 30,000 fans in their car!

[VIDÉOS] Tournée TD musiparc: près de 30 000 fans dans leur voiture!

The idea of putting together a tour 100 shows in five cities in Quebec, was bold in the new context of a pandemic. But about 30 000 people had the curiosity to watch a show “live” in their car with the touring TD musiparc, which ended Sunday.

The 103 shows scheduled over a period of one month in Bromont, Mercier, Gatineau, Quebec, and Mirabel, 97 performances took place.

“It is exceptional,” commented the senior director of Musicor Spectacles, Sébastien G. Côté. It was thought to be forced to cancel more events because in the summer, you can’t predict the temperature. One would have to have a week of fleet. But it has not been the case.”

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At Musicor Spectacles and Gestev, producers of the tour, it is estimated that approximately 30 000 people attended the shows, between two and three people per car, according to their observations. With the ability to accommodate 350 cars per site, the objectives, however, were “more ambitious,” says Sébastien G. Côté.

“We realized that although she appreciated a lot what is proposed to him, some customers may be less willing to get out and that she might be a little afraid of the COVID”, he explained.

A younger clientele, usually the one of the festivals, has responded to the call “in large quantities,” notes the director. As we saw in the case of Roxane Bruneau, Marc Dupré, Matt Lang, 2 Brothers and Blue Jeans Blue.”

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A fall uncertain

That said, the goal was not profitability, ” explains Sébastien G. Côté, but rather to offer something to the public in the absence of festivals, and most importantly, to work of 325 artisans of the entertainment industry that had virtually nothing on the schedule this summer.

If the formula is “working well”, the extension of the programming has not been considered.

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“Is what we might be called to reuse it later this fall, next year, it is not excluded, says Sébastien G. Côté. But it was not the project to do so. Of course, our wish is to be able, as quickly as possible, to present shows in a context a little more normal, with gauges reduced or complete but we are well aware that this is not at our fingertips instantly.”

Sébastien G. Côté considers “unlikely” a resumption of normal activities in the fall. “There is no certainty at this time”, he said.

The tour in numbers

  • 30 000 spectators
  • 325 artists and craftsmen
  • 97 shows

The the most popular shows

  • Roxane Bruneau
  • Marc Dupré
  • Matt Lang
  • 2Frères
  • Blue Jeans Blue
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