Vieux-Port: to conserve a little bit of the Anticafé home

Vieux-Port: conserver un peu de l’Anticafé chez soi

The Anticafé of the Old Port farm closed its doors and organizes up to Friday a large garage sale; this is the ideal opportunity to procure original artifacts to enhance its decor, or remember to the institution.

Wednesday morning, before the start of the sale, a long queue of curious stretched already in front of the local Notre-Dame street where many of the cups, dishes, teapots, board games, chairs, a set of soccer table, and even clothes were waiting for a new life.

Is that the pandemic will have been because of the trade well known for his formula for the customers to use at will the different conveniences of coffee by paying a fee at the time rather than to consumption.

“The rent here is still overpriced for a small company like ours which had to be closed, says Karine Bouchard, the Anticafé. The best decision was not to continue. It’s unfortunate, it’s really sad,” she explained Wednesday.

Workshop artists

The space will not remain empty for long since The Orbit will move between its walls from the beginning of the month of July. This place will help artists as entrepreneurs to develop and create their own identity, ” says Ms. Bouchard, who is also a part of this project.

The artists will be hiring all the space, allowing to be able to enjoy the places in spite of a rent expensive. “It is usually the entrepreneurs who are the artists or cultural entrepreneurs who are interested to share a space for the production, distribution, performance or music”, emphasizes his side Claudia Laurin, a member of the cultural cooperative The Sanctuary, which also takes part in the project.

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