Vigil shortened in the bars of the province

Veillée écourtée dans les bars de la province

The new measure requiring bars in the province to no longer serve alcohol after midnight and to close their doors at 1 h to limit the spread of the COVID-19 has all of place is attractive, however, critical of both sides, found VAT New.

In Montreal, on Friday evening, with the mercury showing 35 degrees, wearing a mask seemed to be rather rare on the terraces of the metropolis, then that clients are swarmed. The rules were often flouted. Same observation on the side of the Grande Allée in Quebec city.

“The people who go out in the clubs don’t really have a notion of respect for others. Therefore, dancing, to the extent that you have three glasses in the nose, forget it! The people no longer see the distancing. They cannot see the fact that you can’t paste and nothing, and they do not wear a mask,” said a waitress met her at the closure of his workplace, saying they are in favor of the new measure imposed by Quebec.

Most of the customers have left quietly a few minutes after 1 p.m. and some continued the party in the street, unhappy that their evening is cut short.

“If the bar closes, it should go in a park. It does not limit the contagion necessarily, and it reduces the number of customers. It reduces the financial reward for these bars that we have already had several months of closure,” said a young woman in the camera of VAT New.

The president of the Union of the tenants of the bars of Quebec, Peter Sergakis, is worried about his 750 colleagues tenants who have lost, he says, 75% of their revenues compared to last Friday. “It is catastrophic, he said. I said that 50-60 % of the tenants of bars would not be there in six months.”

The industry of restaurants and bars in Quebec represents 200,000 direct jobs and 100 000 indirect jobs.

With this new constraint, the restaurateurs hammer one more time that they need subsidies.

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