Vikings-season 6 : Ragnar still alive ? An actor responds to the theory

Vikings saison 6 : Ragnar toujours en vie ? Un acteur répond à la théorie

Vikings-season 6 : Ragnar still alive and hidden ? An actor responds to the theory

The season 6 Vikings will she give birth to a miracle with the return to life of Ragnar ? Alexander Ludwig – the interpreter of Bjorn, was entrusted on this unlikely (?) theory. Attention spoilers.

Ragnar still alive ?

Game of Thrones is not the only series able to kill his main characters. It will be remembered (which is truly delivered ?), the writers of the Vikings have also benefited from the season 4 to shock fans with the death of Ragnar, his hero. A major event for the series and a turning point in the history, which is regularly at the centre of many theories.

Among them, there is one that emerges regularly : Ragnar would not be dead, but would actually be hidden to retaliate at the appropriate time. According to this theory, the character of Travis Fimmel would have, in effect, fake his death, by immunizing against the venom of snakes before being thrown in the famous well-filled reptiles.

Alexander Ludwig meets the theory

It is not yet known if this theory somewhat unlikely (Ragnar really would not be in a hurry to take revenge…) will be in season 6, currently airing in the USA, but Alexander Ludwig – the interpreter of Bjorn, has already given his opinion on the matter. And obviously, he doesn’t believe it.

After having confessed, on TVGuide be the first to hope in a return of Travis Fimmel on the screen, “I really hope, really, that her character will return, one way or another“, the actor has, however, hinted that an appearance of Ragnar could only be done in the form of visions/flashbacks. The reason for this ? His death has built his family and the viking warrior now lives in them : “He is always present, they always speak of him. Especially for Bjorn. All it does is to make proud his father. One of the things on which we worked with Travis, that is how Bjorn reproduces a certain mannerism of his father, that we can say ‘like father, like son’. (…) And I think that through all the other characters, we tried to show it. So in a way, it is never advantage“.

In other words, bring it really to life Ragnar would spoil this evolution. A revelation that makes sense even if we do not hide it, there is hope when a future cameo from Travis Fimmel.

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