Vikings-season 6 : the end deadly to a cult figure in episode 6, his interpreter explained

Vikings saison 6 : fin mortelle pour un personnage culte dans l'épisode 6, son interprète s'explique

Vikings-season 6 : the big blow, an iconic character killed in episode 6

We hope that you have had a packet of handkerchiefs for Christmas, because you’ll need them in discovering the episode 6 of season 6 of Vikings. The reason for this ? One of the biggest characters of the series has died. A frustrating situation, but also logical according to his interpreter. Attention spoilers.

The time that we thought all is sadly arrived. This Wednesday, January 8, 2020, Lagertha is dead on the occasion of the 6th episode of season 6 of Vikings aired on the channel History in the USA. And at the present time, it was still hard to know if the start of this iconic character is at its height or just frustrating.

Lagertha is dead

The reason for this ? Throughout the episode, Lagertha has delivered a spectacular battle and powerful in the face of White Hair, we are proving how much she was one of the best warriors of the region. Better, during a duel face-to-face under tension, the mother of Bjorn has even managed to kill his great enemy in a way terribly badass.

Problem n°1, his victory has left traces, which was forced to flee on horseback to find his son and to heal his wounds. Problem # 2, the animal turned the wrong direction and brought her… in front of the door of Hvitserk. Problem n°3, terrified by the prophecies and in a state of hallucinatory, Hvitserk has confused Lagertha with a giant snake that he imagines to be there for the kill and is therefore defended by stabbing multiple times, the matchless queen, resulting in his death.

A logical starting

Death is frustrating when you know that she could have died with more dignity in a battle field ? Yes, but also logical. Before joining Valhalla, Lagertha has had time to forgive Hvitserk, explaining to him that it was simply his destiny : “this is what the oracle had predicted. One day, I will be killed by one of the sons of Ragnar. I could not escape and neither do you. Don’t cry, poor Hvitserk. Tonight, I’m going to join my beloved Ragnar in the halls of the gods. I have lived a long life. I am not afraid“. Even in death, Lagertha was awesome…

Katheryn Winnick happy this end

An end that makes sense for the heroine, and that makes even the happiness of Katheryn Winnick, his interpreter. On the mic with TVLine, she said : “I could not have imagined a better death.” It must be said that the actress was the first to want to see Lagertha die : “They didn’t want to kill myself after 6 seasons, but I told them ‘It’s time. Lagertha must go. She is not immortal.’ And I wanted an ending epic, something amazing“.

As recalled by Katheryn Winnick, “We have probably killed close to 200 characters during the series“. Therefore, she did everything to give justice to her character : “I felt that it deserved a different ending and that affects us. And I think that Michael Hirst [creator] has done a great job in writing it“.

Now only remains to know if Bjorn will be of the same opinion…

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