Vikings : the spin-off, entitled Valhalla will be available on Netflix

Vikings : le spin-off intitulé Valhalla sera disponible sur Netflix

Vikings : after season 6, which will be the last, a spin-off will be available on Netflix

It is hard having to say goodbye to the Vikings, whose season 6 (airs from 4 December 2019 on History) will be the last. Fortunately, Netflix has confirmed the upcoming arrival of the spin-off of the series. His name ? Vikings : Valhalla. The story happens 100 years after the show is original and will follow other famous historical figures.

The Vikings will be entitled to a suite on Netflix

As you me know, the Vikings will soon be ancient history. After having given life to of the danes true-to-life, Travis Fimmel, Alexander Ludwig, Katheryn Winnick, or even Gustaf Skarsgård won’t come back on the small screen. Yes, season 6 of Vikings , in which Bjorn and Ivar are still in the war after the trailer will be the last of the series.

While this is the ultimate season 6 will be aired from 4 December 2019 on the chain of History, the spin-off of the Vikings is very much a reality and will be available on Netflix. It would then be a co-production between the streaming platform and MGM Television. The name of this series derived approach ? Vikings : Valhalla (Valhalla representing the paradise in the beliefs of the Vikings).

Of new storylines in perspective

Vikings : Valhalla will be written and directed by Michael Hirst (the creator of the series Vikings) and Jeb Stuart (who was part of the writers on cult movies such as die hard, The Fugitive , and Rocky IV). “I’m very excited to announce the continuation of our saga Vikings” a delighted Michael Hirst in an official press release in particular, relayed by TV Line, “I know that millions of fans around the world will be delighted by the faith that MGM and Netflix have placed in us”.

Jeb Stuart “is going to bring new storylines and a powerful vision and visceral stories based on some of the Vikings most famous of history” he also stated. Channing Dungey, executive vice-president of original content Netflix has added that “the Vikings : Valhalla promises to be everything the fans love from this franchise : a thrilling action and unstoppable, based on rich characters and a dramatic narration that highlights the family, loyalty and power”.

The spin-off will take place 100 years after

The document has also specified that the spin-off will be shot in Ireland, as was the case for the show original. And it’s the same technical team who will be present on the shoot. Season 1 will consist of a total of 24 episodes (already ordered by Netflix) that will be aired in two parts.

Side plot, the story will take place 100 years after Vikings. Farewell Ragnar Lodbrok and his descendants of the 8th century, therefore, the characters should match those of the 9th century (as in The Last Kingdom , which follows the brothers Uhtred and Ragnar Ragnarsson). What are the famous Vikings, who will be shown on the screen, of Leif Erikson to Freydis, passing by Harald Harada and William The Conqueror.

It should be noted that the service of SVOD should also make available the six seasons of Vikings to their subscribers.

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