Villeneuve gives new Dune

Villeneuve donne des nouvelles de Dune

Even if the post-production of Dune has been slowed by the pandemic of the COVID-19 in the last few months, the film is expected to be completed in time for its release in December.

At least that is what revealed the quebec filmmaker Denis Villeneuve in a virtual conference which has been organised by the Festival international du film de Shanghai. In this interview, which was posted on YouTube late last week, Villeneuve explained that the editing of his next science-fiction film was especially complex because he was confined to his home, Montreal, and several members of his team (including his editor, Joe Walker) were based in Los Angeles.

“In my work, there are plenty of things that can nowadays be controlled from a distance through technology,” said the director of Blade Runner 2049 and Fire.

“The supervision of special effects is fairly easy to navigate by far. But for editing, it was more complicated. I thought that it could be done. But I realized how to edit a movie is much like playing music with someone. We need to be in the same room, and that there is a human interaction and spontaneity. I really miss not being in the same room as my editor. As an artist, I find it very painful. “

Back in filming

There is no post-production of the film, which has been turned upside down by the crisis of the sars coronavirus. Even though he had already completed the major part of the shooting of Dune in the past year, Villeneuve had planned to shoot some additional scenes for his film earlier this year. This project has necessarily been delayed.

“I had the intention of returning to filming for filming of new elements to fine-tune the film, but at that moment, I couldn’t know that there would be a pandemic, stressed the quebec filmmaker. This has messed up my whole calendar. We got permission to turn these items in a few weeks, but it will be a sprint to finish the film on time. “

New adaptation of the famous science-fiction novel by Frank Herbert, Dune will be the fifth american film by Denis Villeneuve after Prisoners, Sicario, Arrival and Blade Runner 2049. Its theatrical release is scheduled for 18 December.

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