Vincent Queijo writes about his break-up with Maddy : “I’m not going to cry, I’m a man”

Vincent Queijo writes about his break-up with Maddy : “I’m not going to cry, I’m a man”

Between Vincent Queijo and Maddy, it’s finished ! The ex-candidate of the Angels 10 announced their break-up after discovering that the friend of Raphael Pepin was cheating on her for a good long time. Today, it is the turn of the ex-darling of Sarah Lopez to speak on this separation rather unexpected.

Appearances are sometimes deceptive. While Maddy appeared more in love than ever with Vincent Queijo on social networks since the filming of Angels 10, the pretty blonde did not suspect for one moment that his beloved “had a sort of 2nd connectionto” in his back. “I feel the need to announce to myself that this night I learned that Vincent I wrong (…) A dog is still a dog finally. Disappointed, disgusted, from love to hatred there is only a step. I don’t forgive this kind of things“, she entrusted on the social networks.

“Maddy, this is one that I like a lot”

Vincent Queijo and Maddy are therefore more torque at the current time. After the revelations of the former candidate of The Villa of Broken Hearts 2, the former of St├ęphanie Clerbois has spoken on Snapchat without touching on the subject of her infidelity : “You say that I’m doing well, it would be wrong. Maddy, this is someone who matters to me, I like a lot and I’m going to like a lot of time. It has made its decision. I hope that she will be happy, she deserves it. I will do everything to be happy too. I’m not going to let me go, I will take the head. I have my reasons. This is not obvious, I do not hide it“, he confided in a first time.

Vincent Queijo then explains : “I’m a little cut with the social networks. I need to find myself with my friends and the people that support me (…) there are people, too, who insulted me, this is not serious, but it’s not the insults that are going to do that I’m going to collapse, it is more other thing that I collapse. It is my relationship that part completely up in smoke (…) I’m not going to ask you to pity. I’m not going to cry, I’m a man.

“You’ll have explanations when I will look”

Know one thing, it is that nobody in this world could question the love that I had, that I have for Maddy ( … ), You will have explanations when I deem appropriate. Life goes on, “continues the friend of Raphael Pepin.

For its part, Maddy was new on Snapchat : “When you give everything to someone and in return it has it, it really hurts. I’m very strong mentally, I’m not going to cry. I think that I deserve better than that. I’ll go ahead, what is done is done. I will not forgive. I’ve given everything for this person and I have fallen 1000 floors. I wasn’t expecting this for a single second. I’m going to meet, I’m not on the ground. I just took a slap in the face. From the time when there was a lack of respect, it is death.


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