Violence in Guadeloupe: Macron calls for calm

Violence in Guadeloupe: Macron calls for calm

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President Emmanuel Macron on Monday launched an appeal for calm in the face of the “very explosive crisis” in Guadeloupe, an island in the French Antilles in the grip of a social crisis, linked to the compulsory vaccination against COVID- 19, and marked by urban violence and looting. & nbsp;

French Prime Minister Jean Castex announced Monday evening from Paris the creation of a “forum for dialogue” for “Convince and support individually humanely” the professionals concerned by the vaccination obligation, at the end of a meeting with the local elected officials which he finally moderated by videoconference after having been declared again a contact case.

< p>Guadeloupe, hit hard by the COVID-19 epidemic this summer, has been shaken for a week by a movement born out of the challenge to the vaccination obligation of caregivers, which degenerated into a social crisis punctuated by numerous violence, looting of shops and damage overnight from Thursday to Friday.

Earlier, on the sidelines of a trip to northern France, the Head of State assured Guadeloupe of the nation's “solidarity” and asked “not to give in to lies and manipulation by some of this situation ”.

“ We cannot use the health of the French to wage political battles ”and“ public order must be maintained ”, he stressed, insisting on “a growing adherence to vaccination” on the island, despite the opposition of a “very small minority”.

Faced with a rapidly deteriorating situation, the French government sent 200 police officers and gendarmes, as well as 50 members of the special forces of the GIGN and the Raid, bringing to 2,250 the forces mobilized on the spot, while the prefect instituted a curfew between 6 p.m. and 5 a.m. local time, until November 23.

“Calmer night”

After the unrest during the weekend, the rectorate decided to suspend Monday the reception of students “in schools, colleges and high schools”. Classes have not yet taken place on Friday.

The night from Sunday to Monday was however quieter than the previous one, according to the prefecture, for which the mobilization of the police “made it possible to prevent in the city centers and in rural areas, the majority of attempts to regrouping and attack on property. ”

“ There were a lot of roadblocks, but little looting, ”confirmed a police source.

However, “abuses continue to target food businesses” and “degrade traffic routes” in order to “accentuate the deterioration of living conditions for the Guadeloupe population”, according to the prefecture. Eleven people were arrested.

The public prosecutor confirmed to AFP press information on the theft of arms and ammunition at the coast guard station of Pointe-Claire Customs. à-Pitre, on the night of November 19 to 20, without giving more details.

“More than 80 businesses were looted,” a local official said Monday morning, describing a “fairly insurrectionary situation “.

” Continue the mobilization “

The General Union of Workers of Guadeloupe (UGTG), at the forefront of the protest, called on Saturday “to continue the mobilization and to strengthen the pickets of popular demands”.

Monday, on a dam in Mare -Gaillard, agglomerate of carcasses of cars, fences, tree trunks and tires, Pascal, 55, explains that the ten people present “await the decisions” of the government, and promising to be more numerous throughout the day , especially if nothing concrete leads to it.

Since the summer, the vaccination rate has increased in Guadeloupe, with now a rate of nearly 90% of vaccinated caregivers, and approaching 50% in the general population – however far from the more than 75% of vaccinated in metropolitan France.

In addition, in Martinique, neighboring island of the Antilles, heavy goods vehicles and taxis paralyzed on Monday a good part of the economic activity in the call from trade unions protesting in particular against the obligation to vaccinate caregivers s.

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