Violent arrest: criminal proceedings against Allan Adam abandoned

Arrestation violente: les poursuites contre Allan Adam abandonnées

The accusations leveled against the chief of the First Nation chipewyanne of Athabasca, in northeastern Alberta, have been withdrawn.

This was announced by the Crown after “a review of the available evidence, including the disclosure of relevant documents in the”additional.

Allan Adam was accused of resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer last march in Fort McMurray.

It is at the beginning of the month of June that the latter was revealed to have been beaten by officers of the royal Canadian mounted police (RCMP). In addition to videos of witnesses of the event, a 12-minute video recorded from the dashboard of a car of the royal Canadian mounted police (RCMP), in which one could see a police officer knocking on the head the aboriginal chief at the end of an exchange of a dozen minutes, has also been submitted last Thursday as evidence.

After the publication of the images, several as the prime minister Justin Trudeau spoke of a “video shocking.” The latter had also called for the establishment of an investigation “independent and transparent” about the violent arrest of the chief.

Chef Adam has entrusted, at a press conference Wednesday, that he hopes his story will lead to a change of mentality within the RCMP.

His lawyer, Brian Beresh, took the opportunity to reveal that the police officer who struck Allan Adam was already the subject of charges for assault and mischief in another case and was scheduled to appear on September 30. However, the agent has not been removed from service, in spite of these accusations.

The incident is the subject of an investigation by the response Team Alberta in the event of a serious incident (ASIRT) has been contracted by the RCMP to shed light on this matter.

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