Vip room, video blogs and difficult tests: the Producers of “Top model in Ukrainian” revealed details of the new season

Vip-комната, видеоблоги и сложные испытания: Продюсеры «Топ-модели по-украински» раскрыли детали нового сезона

On the last day of Aug fans of the fashion reality “Top model in Ukrainian” will be glued to television screens

After August 31 kicks off the new season of the popular show.

Project Manager Alena Zviryk said, what is emphasized in the new season of “Top model in Ukrainian.”

“This season is dedicated to finding and creating a new generation of models. Now so rapidly developing world and the fashion industry that the current model should not be just a “hanger” or the Muse of the designer, it must be a person. A person who can be interesting interlocutor, blogger,” – said Alena.

It is worth noting that innovation, because they start with the first episodes of the auditions.

“This season – a new scheme of casting: the first selection took place on videos that are sent to potential project participants, – says Alena Zviryk. – These videos have looked personally Alla Kostromicheva, and she selected the most interesting, in her opinion, participants. It was a selection not only in appearance, growth and parameters of the figure. Alla drew attention to personality, how much these people have followers in social networks than they do unusual. We do focus on this as we understand that if a person has an interesting and rich life, if it is interesting to watch hundreds of followers, then it may be something to interest, to bring something new, both in the project and in the fashion industry as a whole. Innovations and appeared in the rules of the project. Now every week the best party moves in the vip room. If you wish, you can invite someone to live in this room with him. And this vip party gets a video camera and can shoot video blog, which then the whole week will be “hanging” on the YouTube channel of the New. We can say, week of fame! This season will be shocking, full of surprises, both for the participants and for the audience”

Vip-комната, видеоблоги и сложные испытания: Продюсеры «Топ-модели по-украински» раскрыли детали нового сезона

By the way, one of the innovations of the second season of the reality “Top model in Ukrainian” Scotch readers are able to evaluate – the names of the first five participants were known before the draft on the air. The guys who were lucky enough to get in the project is already “lit up” on the podium in the competition International Young Designers Contest.

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