Virtual aggression: Mélanie Maynard files a complaint with the police

Virtual assault: Mélanie Maynard files a complaint with the police


After denouncing the virtual attack she suffered on the networks on Monday, Mélanie Maynard confirms that she is filing a complaint against the man who sent her a photo of her private parts accompanied by obscene comments . 

“Thank you to my followers for your support and support. It allowed me to collect enough testimonies on the individual in question to know that I was not his only target and to complete the portrait that I had made of him, ”wrote host Mélanie Maynard Tuesday noon on its networks.

“And no, it was not a fake account, but a real jerk”, continues the one who received an incredible wave of support from the part of women (having lived or not what she had lived) and men saying they were outraged by the situation. 

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The host had made a first publication early this morning to explain to her community why her publication denouncing this man was no longer visible. It was Instagram that took down the photo carousel because “the photos violated standards on nudity or sexual acts”.

  • WARNING, the following publication contains comments that could shock

“And I'm the one breaking the community standards! “, she wrote in an ephemeral publication (story) Instagram. “Happy to know that the great Meta knows how to intervene at the right time,” added the host sarcastically.

With the humor that we know, Mélanie Maynard published an announcement in memoriam on her networks with the mention: “Here there was the full name of an acorn and the photo of his little ginger. All accompanied by degrading remarks.

“A complaint filed”, she writes in conclusion.

Radio extract and other disgraceful comments

In a radio excerpt from WKND 99.5 – which she also shared on her networks -, the host explains that she made this publication of denunciation in “a gesture of spontaneity and ecoeurantiteacute. She did not believe, however, that her day would continue with numerous testimonials, but also several disgraceful comments from people of all ages.

A teenager telling her to “relax the old woman, that happens all the time”, while other Internet users told her that she was lying and that she had liked receiving this kind of photos. She explains that she even had to justify herself to a woman who told her that she was going to destroy this man's life.

Dozens of people also called on him to go and file a complaint with the police.

“In all of this, there is something less banal than you think,” she confides. To file a complaint is to show oneself vulnerable and to present oneself as a victim. You go home and you're scared. You are afraid that he will continue, that he will find you.

The host added that she was “on the verge of making public any derogatory private comments” she receives. “I will never understand where these people are who need to spread hate everywhere around them. »