Virus: 31 contamination additional to Beijing

Virus: 31 contaminations supplémentaires à Pékin

BEIJING | city of Beijing has recorded 31 new infection by the coronavirus in the past 24 hours, announced Wednesday the town hall, a figure broadly stable for the fourth consecutive day.

The authorities of the chinese capital have engaged in a campaign giant screening following the discovery of a renewed contagion at the end of last week in a wholesale market in the south of the metropolis, Xinfadi.

The city has increased to more than 90 000 per day to its ability of screening. She called Tuesday night its residents to avoid travel “non-essential” outside of Beijing, and ordered again the closure of schools and colleges.

Thirty residential areas, on the thousands in the capital, have been placed in quarantine.

The balance sheet of 31 cases of contamination, the 137 the total number of people affected by the Covid-19 since the discovery of the new outbreak on Friday.

Previously, Beijing had found no contamination in the last two months and life had regained near normal.

At the national level, China, where the epidemic appeared in late 2019, has no more reported dead from the Covid-19 since mid-may.

Outside of Beijing, 13 new cases of contamination have been reported in the past 24 hours, including 11 from patients returning from foreign countries.

Beijing has also reported six people carry the virus, but who have not developed symptoms, findings in the day Tuesday.

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