Virus: Europe continues to déconfinement, the pandemic rages elsewhere

Virus: l’Europe poursuit son déconfinement, la pandémie flambe ailleurs

MADRID | Europe has continued to Sunday his déconfinement with the re-opening by Spain of its borders to Europeans, but in other countries such as Azerbaijan or Brazil, the number of cases has increased, and measures of reconfinement are applied or envisaged.

The pandemic of Covid-19 killed, officially at least 465 300 people worldwide and affected more than 8.8 million, of which over four million are now considered as cured, since China has reported the appearance in December of the disease.

Spain, a country among the most bereaved more than 28 000 people dead, was lifted on Saturday at midnight the state of alert decreed on 14 march and re-opened its land border with France — the one with Portugal will be waiting for the July 1st — as well as its ports and airports to nationals of the european Union.

A hundred flights coming from european countries landed in Spain on Sunday. On the 1st of July, the country will open its borders to all nationalities.

The French tourist Sylvia Faust has crossed the border as of Saturday night with her daughter of 17 years, well before midnight: “we were checked and let in. We slept in a holiday apartment. We wanted to be in Spain for the sun, the beach, the tapas, and I already have my swimsuit under my clothes, ” laughs the manager of 43 years, in shorts and sandals on the beach of Roses, in Catalonia (North-East).

In France, the forgotten distancing and gestures barrier… they were thousands to enjoy the Feast of music to gather and dance in the streets, despite a number of events to be restricted and health restrictions.

On the quays of the canal Saint Martin in Paris, the coronavirus has thus appeared to be a distant memory : its vicinity were crowded, and in a garden close, the DJs would chain the pieces of the house in front of a packed crowd of dancers.

More than 2 million cases in Latin America

But the disease continues to spread in the world. The Face of a doubling of cases over the last two weeks, Azerbaijan has decreed a reconfinement to the terms and conditions very stringent.

From Sunday until 1st August, shopping centres, cafes, restaurants and beauty salons of Baku, the capital, and other major cities are forced to close them again.

The inhabitants will not be allowed to go out as a “once-a-day, for two hours maximum, after you have received via sms to a permission” of the authorities, said prime minister Ali Asadov.

At the confinement previous one, no permission was needed to go shopping or to see a doctor in this country of the South Caucasus about 10 million inhabitants which identified Sunday 12 238 cases, including 148 deaths.

In France, “the hypothesis of a reconfinement” in the department of French Guyana, in South America, will have to be re-examined if signs of an acceleration of the pandemic is confirmed, warned on Sunday the government.

In Switzerland, the chair of the Task force on federal science dedicated to the disease was estimated on Sunday that the déconfinement was too fast in his country.

“Over the past seven days, the number of cases has increased by 30 % “, says in the Blick Matthias Egger, an epidemiologist. “In this uncertain situation, all of us in the scientific working group, consider that it is premature to take further measures to relax the rules “.

During this time, the netherlands and Germany, protesting against the measures of containment that are still being imposed clashed with the forces of law and order.

Latin America and the Caribbean, the new epicentre of the pandemic, have crossed Saturday the milestone of two million of contamination, after the United States and Canada (more than 2.3 million, mainly in the United States) and Europe — more than 2.5 million, of which more than half in Russia, the United Kingdom, Spain and Italy.

Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Oceania are below the threshold of one million cases. But a rebound is of concern to the China since last week with more than 220 new cases, of which 22 Sunday.

In Beijing, 2 000 sites of testing has already taken 2.3 million samples, according to the New China news agency. The country will inspect the imported food products. The import of chickens from the american brand, Tyson Foods, whose employees have been declared positive in the us.U., has been suspended.

In Latin America, half of the cases are reported in Brazil, which has passed on Saturday the bar of the million cases and, with almost 50 000 deaths, is the second country in the most grief-stricken in the world, behind the United States.

Peru, which saw its 13th week of total containment, the official death toll has surpassed the Saturday 250 000 contamination for 7 861 dead. The balance sheet also exceeds the 7, 000 deaths in Chile. It was more than 20 000 people dead Friday in Mexico.

Trump wants to slow down the screening

In the United States (nearly 120 000 people dead and more than 2.2 million cases), the president, Donald Trump campaigning for his re-election, said Saturday night be asked to slow down the pace of the screening because ” there are more people, there are more cases “.

“He was joking of course, denouncing the media coverage absurd “, assured the AFP an official of the White House.

Mr Trump was speaking at the first meeting of postconfinement, in a closed room and under full as expected at Tulsa (Oklahoma). Six organizers have been tested positive to the virus and spectators, few of whom were masked, who have agreed in writing to waive any right of legal action if they were contracting the virus at this time.

Down in New York and in the north-east of the country, the pandemic is still progressing in other areas, including a strong surge of cases in Oklahoma.

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