Virus: incidents during a demonstration in front of the Parliament in Belgrade

Virus: incidents lors d’une manifestation devant le Parlement à Belgrade

Violence during Friday in Belgrade the fourth evening of demonstrations against the management of the pandemic by the Serbian authorities, protesters throwing stones towards the forces of law and order that protected the entrance to the parliament in Belgrade.

The majority of the few thousands of protesters were peaceful, but groups, for the most part composed of young people face often masked, threw firecrackers, sometimes chanted nationalist slogans or chants proclaiming the guardianship Serbian on Kosovo, before embarking on a mid-evening to cross the security barriers and climb in the direction of the parliament, noted journalists of AFP.

The anti-riot police were then interposed, and were immediately the target of stones, of various projectiles and smoke bombs.

Peaceful, most of the protesters remained in withdrawal of these incidents and some have helped to put an end by interposing and installing safety barriers. Accused of violence during the first two days of the protests, the security forces have not replicated to the jets of projectiles.

The protests in Belgrade began on Tuesday evening, after the announcement by president Aleksandar Vucic of his willingness to impose this weekend a total containment of the population, at a time when the figures of contagion, resuming an upward trend in this Balkan country that deplores officially 370 dead.

A part of the population, accuses the ability to minimize to plan the balance sheet, of abandoning the people, and accuses him of inconsistent management.

The Serbian authorities have imposed a sub-the most stringent in Europe, before the president Aleksandar Vucic is not proclaiming his “victory over the virus,” and not déconfine widely the country.

Seemingly spontaneous, the manifestations take place without the emergence of leaders. And the protesters are mainly united by their rejection of Aleksandar Vucic, with a political spectrum that has very wide, from the left to the far right.

Only the event on Thursday evening took place without violence, the protesters who had decided in Belgrade, but also in other cities of the country, to respond with a sit-in to any rise of voltage, jets of smoke or firecrackers.

The government has given up on containment, but banned gatherings of more than 10 people, which is equivalent theoretically to ban the events, reduced the hours of the bars, shops and other businesses.

In the past 24 hours, the Balkan country has identified 18 deaths and 386 new cases, said the First minister Ana Brnabic to the press, lamenting a ” dramatic increase “.

“In regard to the events, there is no behavior more irresponsible in this moment “, she started.

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