Virus: Israel réimpose restrictions during the weekends

Virus: Israël réimpose des restrictions durant les fins de semaine

JERUSALEM | The israeli government has decided to take from Friday’s measures “to avoid a containment general” due to the increasing number of new cases of COVID-19 detected each day, announcing the closure of certain public places during the weekends.

The early Friday evening to Sunday morning and until further order, the restaurants and sports facilities will be closed, as “the stores, malls, hairdressers and beauty salons, libraries, zoos, museums, swimming pools, tourist attractions and the trams”, is it stated in a joint press release of the office of prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the ministry of Health.

Friday is the beginning of the weekly holiday of shabbat, and many of the restaurants close at this time. Sunday is the beginning of the week in Israel.

If any restriction of movement is provided for individuals who wish to get out of her home, according to the press release, the beaches, however, will be closed all weekend starting on the 24th of July.

From Friday, the rallies are also limited to ten people in enclosed areas, and twenty in the open-air locations, with the exception of workplaces that have received an authorisation and of nuclear families, it is noted in the text.

“Any violation of these restrictions will be considered a criminal offense,” according to the statement.

These new measures have been taken “to avoid a containment general because of the strong increase of the morbidity related to the sars coronavirus”, is added.

First acclaimed for his management of the epidemic of COVID-19 in its infancy, the israeli government is now facing criticism because of the resurgence of new cases after the removal of the containment measures.

Country of some nine million inhabitants, Israel has officially registered 46 059 cases, including 384 deaths.

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