Virus: Italy opens to tourists, the contagion continues in South America

Virus: l'Italie s'ouvre aux touristes, la contagion se poursuit en Amérique du Sud

ROME | border reopened to tourists and Italians be allowed to move from one area to the other: Italy brand Wednesday, a crucial step in its return to normal, after having been thrown into mourning by the pandemic of sars coronavirus.

But while in Europe the standards is continuing, in favor of figures from the contamination and death, in steady decline, the virus appeared in December in China continues in countries in Latin America are ill-prepared to halt his meteoric rise.

In the hope of saving its tourism industry, so important for its economy, Italy — including one of the regions, Lombardy (North), has been the epicenter of the pandemic in Europe — reopened Wednesday its borders to european tourists, without restrictions.

The Italians can now move freely between the regions, but bans large gatherings and the requirement to wear a mask in enclosed areas and on public transport remain in force.

International flights are expected to resume on Wednesday in three major cities, Milan, Rome and Naples. The Swiss, however, has warned that its citizens who move to Italy would be the subject of “sanitary measures” upon their return.

A receptionist at the hotel Albergo del Senato, at the foot of the Pantheon in Rome, Allessandra Conti provides Wednesday, “still get a lot of cancellations for this summer”.

“We hope that this will move a little from today, but we do not have any foreign tourists booked for this week, or the next,” she said. “Just a few reservations from mid-June, all Europeans”.

The president of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella, has warned Tuesday that the crisis of the epidemic “is not complete” in the peninsula, while praising the “unity” of his country in the face of “the invisible enemy”.

With almost 33 000 people, Italy is the second country in the most grief-stricken of Europe, behind the Uk.

“Gasoline on the fire”

After the reopening Tuesday of the café terraces in Paris, the Italian decision, which will be followed on June 15, other measures of lift of the containment in Europe, illustrates the gradual return to normal life on the Old Continent.

A perspective that is still quite far away in South America, where the virus continues to spread.

Brazil has registered over Tuesday, a daily record of deaths, bringing to 31 199 the number of the dead, to 555 383 patients confirmed the COVID-19, according to the ministry of Health.

These figures, that the scientific community considers grossly under-valued, are the Latin american giant in the fourth place in the world for the dead, behind the United States — which remain by far the country most hard hit with 106 180 dead — the United Kingdom (39 369) and Italy (33 530).

In total, the pandemic COVID-19 has killed at least 379 585 people on the planet since its debut in December in China, according to a report drawn up by AFP from an official source.

The main foci of the brazilian State of Sao Paulo, the economic powerhouse and cultural of the country, and Rio de Janeiro, a great tourist attraction.

Both have initiated a déconfinement, of concern to some scientists: “In the current situation, any relaxation of containment measures is tantamount to sprinkle gasoline on the fire,” warned Rafael Galliez, infectious diseases physician at the Federal University of Rio (UFRJ).

Brazil, whose president Jair Bolsonaro is regularly referred to the lifting of restrictions to preserve the economy and employment, represents more than half of the cases of contamination and death of the COVID-19 in Latin America.

The virus continues to spread at high speed: the British, the border of Brazil, has surpassed the 1,000 dead less than three months after the detection of the first case of contagion ; Mexico, which also begins the recovery in economic activity, more than 10,000, and the Peru deplores more than 4 600.

In Bolivia, more than 10 500 cases of COVID-19, and more than 300 deaths have been recorded, the figures in the net growth. In this country, the authorities of the cities of La Paz and El Alto will mark it with signs on the houses of the sick who refuse to be confined, due to the many violations of sanitary measures by those affected.

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