Virus: new reconfinements in India, close to a million reported cases

Virus: nouveaux reconfinements en Inde, proche du million de cas déclarés

PATNA | The 125 million inhabitants of the indian State of Bihar is reconfinent Thursday, at a time when the country is flirting with the million confirmed cases since the beginning of the pandemic of novel coronavirus.

At the initiative of the regional governments, the reconfinements and restrictions to combat the COVID-19 multiply these last weeks, through the asian giant’s 1.3 billion people.

The poor State of Bihar (North) is entered on Thursday at midnight in a reconfinement of 15 days. The large city of Bangalore (South) and its periphery, in which live 13 million people, had done the same the previous day, for a week.

The tiny coastal State of Goa, a popular destination of tourists in the winter, has also announced a reconfinement of three days from Thursday evening, and a night-time curfew until 10 August.

Too many people “go out to meet people at parties” and the population does not take enough precautions to stop the spread of the virus, said Pramod Sawant, chief minister of Goa.

“More than 40 000 persons have received a ticket for not wearing mask and many others, are held not to have complied with the rules, but (the people) continue to hang around outside”, said the head of the local executive to the indian press.

In Bihar, the residents are in a hurry Wednesday to stock up on provisions in the shops and markets before the entry into force of the reconfinement, at the expense of calls to the distance physical.

On a market in the regional capital Patna, Radhika Singh, a woman of forty years, was one of the few people to sell its products — including rice and lentils — while wearing a protective mask.

“I’ve never in my life been confronted with such a situation in the past, it is an experience really horrible”, she told AFP.

India currently has 24 915 dead on 968 876 confirmed cases of COVID-19, figures in quick progression. The second most populous country of the world is expected to pass Friday or Saturday, the cape of the million cases officially reported.

South Asia is on its way to become the next epicentre of the pandemic coronavirus, was concerned about the international Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent societies (IFRC).

“The COVID-19 spreads at an alarming rate in South Asia, home to a quarter of humanity”, said in a press release, John Fleming, regional coordinator of the IFRC.

“While the world’s attention is turned to the ongoing crisis in the United States and in South America, a human tragedy similar emerging rapidly in South Asia”, he added.

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