Virus : Putin praises the management of the Russian in front of Washington

Virus : Poutine vante la gestion russe face à celle de Washington

Russian president Vladimir Putin said that Russia came out of the epidemic of the coronavirus “with small losses” unlike the United States where “partisan interests” have hampered the management of the crisis, according to Mr. Putin.

“We come out of the coronavirus with assurance, with minimal losses, and, if God wills, it will continue. But in the United States, it doesn’t happen like that “, said Vladimir Putin, according to an excerpt of an interview aired Sunday night on the public channel Rossia 1.

Russia confirmed on Sunday 8 825 new cases of coronavirus, bringing the total to 528 964, of which 6 948 dead. It is the third largest number of cases the highest in the world, after Brazil and the United States.

The first world economic power is by far the most affected country with 2 071 782 reported cases and 115 347 deaths due to the coronavirus.

According to Vladimir Putin, this result can be explained by differences in the system of management of the crisis.

“The president (an american) said that he should do this and that, and on site the governors respond” fuck you “, said Vladimir Putin.

“It seems to me that the problem here is that partisan interests take precedence over the interests of the people and of society as a whole “, he continued.

According to Mr Putin, the government and regional leaders working in Russia ” as one team “.

“I doubt that anyone among us, in government or in the regions, it seems all of a sudden “We’re not going to do what the government or the president, we say. We believe that this is not right”, ” argued Mr Putin.

Critics, however, have questioned the mortality official in Russia, accusing Moscow of deliberately under-estimate.

Russia has explained its figures are lower, compared to western countries, by the fact that it included only deaths whose primary cause is the coronavirus, when other countries identify almost all of the deaths of patients tested positive.

The Russian authorities argue that the epidemic is latest arrival in Russia, the country has had time to prepare its hospitals, and to develop a policy of mass screening.

Russia has, however, had 2 712 deaths linked to the coronavirus in April, more than double the deaths that had occurred previously, according to figures from a new counting method taking into account the causes of death appendices and suspected cases announced Saturday.

The official figures showed, up to now, 1 152 people had died in Russia of the coronavirus in April. The Russian authorities agree to a rise in deaths linked to the virus in may.

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