Virus : situation “critical” in Hong Kong, a hundred new cases

Virus : situation « critique » à Hong Kong, une centaine de nouveaux cas

The head of the executive of hong kong Carrie Lam reported Sunday that a situation is “critical” in the fight against the coronavirus, the ex-british colony that has listed more than 100 new cases in 24 hours, a record.

The semi-autonomous region was one of the first areas affected by the epidemic emerged in central China. But it was originally recorded very good results in the fight against the Covid-19, to the point that she had almost brought to an end in June to local contaminations.

However, the number of cases is on the rise again these past two weeks, and the doctors have trouble identifying the chains of transmission of the coronavirus in the territory very densely populated country of 7.5 million people.

Ms. Lam announced on Sunday that more than 500 new infections had been recorded in the past two weeks.

In total, 108 new cases were reported Sunday, a new record. This brings the total in the city to 1,886 cases, including 12 deaths.

“I think the situation is really critical, and there is no evidence that it is being brought under control,” said Ms. Lam to the journalists.

The authorities have ordered the last week of new measures of social distancing, including the closure of sports halls or discos, in requiring, in addition to wearing a mask in public transport.

Restaurants can only serve to take away from 18H00.

On Sunday, Ms. Lam announced new measures, including a project to make compulsory the wearing of the mask in the interior spaces are public, or the obligation to work from home for non-essential personnel from the public service.

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