Virus: the pandemic is accelerating in Africa, the EU will open its borders

Virus: la pandémie s'accélère en Afrique, l'UE va ouvrir ses frontières

At a time when the european Union agrees on the re-opening of its internal borders, the pandemic Covid-19 accelerates in Africa, and crosses new thresholds on the american continent.

The speed at which the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus has doubled in Africa – less than twenty days – shows the acceleration of the pandemic in Africa, warned on Thursday the world Health Organization (WHO).

According to a count by AFP based on official sources, the bar of the 200 000 infections by the novel coronavirus in Africa was crossed on Tuesday.

“It took 98 days to reach the milestone of 100 000 cases and 18 only to cross the 200 000,” said Dr Matshidiso Moeti, WHO regional director for Africa.

“Even if these registered cases in Africa account for less than 3% of the global total, it is clear that the pandemic is accelerating” on the continent, she said.

In the world, the Covid-19 has done more than 417 000 people dead, and infected more than 7.4 million people. The official figures are probably far below the reality, according to the scientific community.

The United States is the country most affected, with 113 of 209 deaths. Follow the Uk with 41 279 deaths, Brazil (39 680), Italy (34 167) and France (29 346).

But in Europe, where the new hospitalizations and numbers of deaths are in free fall, Brussels has called for the lifting of all travel restrictions within the european Union and the Schengen area as early as 15 June, and the re-opening of the external borders of the EU as of July 1, travelers of the western Balkans.

The Commission is also in favor of a reopening “partial and gradual” of the external borders of the EU and of the Schengen area after June 30.

The last word on the boundaries is up to the member States, the Commission can only make recommendations.

Minute of silence

The déconfinement continues on the Old Continent. In Spain, one of the countries most affected by the pandemic (more than 27 000 dead), the football Championship resumed on Thursday after a three-month break, with a derby of Seville, closed to the public, in a context of high vigilance health.

But after China and Europe, it is America that is the new epicentre of the pandemic: the virus already made seventy thousand people dead in Latin America and the Caribbean, where almost 40 000 in Brazil.

The United States is the country most affected, and far: they have spent in the night from Wednesday to Thursday the cape of 2 million people infected. The country continues to register around 20 000 new cases of coronavirus each day.

The beaches of Miami have, however, reopened on Wednesday after nearly three months of closure. But it will take time before returning to the seven million tourists that Miami Beach received each year.

“We are preparing for the worst”

The prospects are also bleak in India where the doctors exhausted fear that a health crisis does not make that start.

“We don’t know when the peak will occur,” said to AFP the doctor Become Yellow to Max Smart Super Specialty Hospitality in New Delhi. “We all hope the best but we prepare mentally and physically for the worst “.

The country began its déconfinement but 10 000 new cases are still being confirmed each day, with a total of over 275 0000 infections.

More broadly, the american economy, which lives in fear of a new wave of contamination, there will be a recession of 6.5% this year, according to new estimates from the central Bank (Iron) released Wednesday.

At the global level, the recession will be at least 6%, according to the Organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD).

In the global race for the development of a vaccine, which involves universities and laboratories around the world, the big moves continue.

The brazilian State of Sao Paulo has announced the signing of an agreement with the chinese laboratory Sinovac Biotech for the production of a vaccine, which will be tested with 9000 volunteers as early as July.

“Studies have shown that this vaccine could be distributed by June 2021 (if the tests prove conclusive). This agreement will allow us to produce large-scale and immunize millions of Brazilians, ” assured the governor of Sao Paulo Jolo Dorian.

In the United States, the biotech company Moderna has announced that its experimental vaccine, co-funded by the us government, will come in the third and final phase of the clinical trial in July on 30 000 volunteers.

Moderna is with the university of Oxford, which has also launched a large-scale test on 10 000 volunteers and expects first results in September, part one of the first in the global race to the vaccine.

In Chicago, a woman of twenty years whose lungs had been damaged on the basis of “irreversible” by the Covid-19 has received a double lung transplant in Chicago, announced the hospital to Northwestern.

It seems that this is the first transplant of this type in the United States, but not in the world, chinese doctors have performed a double transplant in march.

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