Virus: the WHO predicts 10 million cases in the next week, the peak not reached in America

Virus: l’OMS prévoit 10 millions de cas la semaine prochaine, le pic pas atteint en Amérique

The threshold of ten million cases of COVID-19 in the world should be reached next week, so that the epidemic has not yet reached its peak in the Americas region, has informed on Wednesday the WHO.

Nearly ten million cases in the world, and the economic outlook is catastrophic : the pandemic of Covid-19, far from slowing down, promises of weeks and months the dark for the planet.

Michael Ryan, the director issues a health emergency the world Health Organization pointed out Wednesday, ” a continuing trend and concern, with many countries that have experienced increases of 25% to 50% during the past week “.

“The epidemic in the american continent is very intense, particularly in central and south America “, he said. “Unfortunately, the pandemic in many countries of the american continent had not reached its peak “, he added.

For its part, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director of WHO, said during the same press conference virtual, ” that, during the first months of this epidemic, fewer than 10 000 cases were reported to WHO. Last month, nearly 4 million cases have been reported. We expect to reach a total of 10 million cases in the next week “.

He welcomed the decision of saudi arabian authorities not to allow a thousand people to perform the great pilgrimage to Mecca this year, stressing that ” this is another example of the difficult choices that all countries need to do to give priority to health “.

Worse than expected

According to a report drawn up by AFP from official sources, the pandemic of novel coronavirus has made at least 478 818 deaths in the world since China is a formal state of the onset of the disease in December.

More than 9 326 400 cases of infection have been officially diagnosed in 196 countries and territories, a figure that all experts agree to find certainly under-estimated.

The economists of the international monetary Fund revised Wednesday, in a sense more dramatic, their estimates of the impact of the virus on the global economy.

The IMF warned that the ” crisis is not like the others “, not only was much worse than expected, but that the recovery would be slower than hoped.

Thus, the global economy is expected to shrink 4.9 % this year: much more than the 3 % expected in April in the heart of the pandemic, when the IMF pointed out already that this was one of the worst crisis since the Great Depression of the thirties.

And for some countries, especially in Europe, the contraction of the gross domestic Product is dizzying: -12,5 % for France, -12,8 % for Spain and Italy.

Even if the global GDP is expected to rebound to 5.4% in 2021, the IMF admits that the forecasting exercise is assigned a new level of uncertainty.

In several countries in Europe who thought, in the light of health statistics encouraging, be bailed out, the prospects darken and the spectre of a second wave comes back to haunt the leaders and public opinion.

And health professionals british are concerned about a resurgence of the pandemic, in the wake of the announcement of the most important step of the déconfinement from 4 July.

In Germany, presented as a model of management of the pandemic, more than 600,000 people have been reconfinées after the onset of a significant outbreak of contamination in a part of the biggest slaughterhouse of Europe, in the west of the country.

In Slovenia, the port of the mask is reimposed in the places and public transport. In Croatia, a requirement for quarantine, which was lifted is returned to travellers from the Balkans, where the numbers of infections are rising again.

Parties or gatherings on the public way ” are in danger of months of collective efforts to combat the coronavirus, has warned his side the first belgian minister Sophie Wilmès.

In front of the press, she was reacting to images become viral on social networks, showing hundreds of people celebrating in the night from Saturday to Sunday in a district of Brussels, well known to night-owls.

In Italy, the medical authorities are concerned about the relaxation of the population, which is evidenced by the drop in sales of masks — not be found at the beginning of the containment — while the beaches are crowded and the appetizers festive multiply in the country that has recorded 34 657 dead.

Caution is required also in Spain, where Catalonia has reversed its decision to allow the re-opening of nightclubs, allowing them to dance on people who are already familiar with, and only in restaurants or hotels.

Reopening brothels

In the United States, the south of the country, from Florida to California, has become the hot spot of the epidemic.

With nearly 330 million people, the United States have the worst record in the world in absolute value: more than 121, 000 deaths and 2.3 million cases detected.

Very hard hit by the Covid-19 at the beginning of the epidemic in the United States, New York and New Jersey as well as Connecticut neighbor has decreed Wednesday a quarantine for people coming from the States where the pandemic is accelerating.

Nearly half of the 50 u.s. States have experienced an increase in the number of cases in the past two weeks, and some, like Texas and Florida, have daily records in the number of cases reported.

“The next two weeks will be critical” to respond to flare-ups “of concern” for contamination, cautioned Dr. Anthony Fauci, immunologist-in-chief of the White House, saying they are worried so that more than 32 000 cases had been diagnosed in 24 hours on Tuesday.

And in Brazil, the pace of contamination has resumed its upward curve after the déconfinement progressive in some States, deemed to be precipitated by the specialists.

On Tuesday evening, the country has registered in 24 hours his second highest number of infections, but also of deaths, with 39 436 new confirmed cases and 1 374 deaths.

The only glimmer of hope came Wednesday of the netherlands, who have announced the re-opening on the 1st of July of their brothels.

It is important to check in advance if a client presents symptoms of the Covid-19, said the government.

“Everyone is very happy with the new one. We do not have more money, ” responded Felicia Anna, president of the union of sex workers in the red light district of Amsterdam.

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