Virus: Washington pays out 1.95 billion of dollars to ensure that a potential vaccine

Virus: Washington débourse 1,95 milliard de dollars pour s’assurer un potentiel vaccin

The u.s. government is going to pay 1.95 billion dollars to get 100 million doses of a potential vaccine against the new coronavirus, developed by the alliance German-american Biontech/Pfizer, have announced the two laboratories on Wednesday.

“The u.s. government has placed an initial order of 100 million doses for 1.95 billion dollars and could acquire up to 500 million additional doses,” explain the two companies in a press release.

The biotech German Biontech and the american laboratory Pfizer developed after several months a draft of a vaccine, which is now entering a decisive phase of large-scale clinical trials, following the first encouraging results.

Washington should receive the first dose as soon as “that Pfizer will be able to manufacture (the vaccine) with success, and obtained the approval” of the u.s. health authorities.

The purpose of the two labs is to ” make 100 million doses before the end of the year 2020 “, and ” potentially more than 1.3 billion doses before the end of 2021 “.

At the beginning of July, the two companies have announced preliminary results positive, after having tested their vaccine on 45 participants.

According to them, ” it is able to generate a response of neutralizing antibodies in humans at levels greater than or equal to those observed in the sera of the convalescent, and it does so at relatively low doses “.

But two doses will be needed to immunize a person, a reminder must be made seven days after the first injection, said Wednesday a spokesman for Biontech to the AFP.

Now must begin a phase of clinical testing on a large scale, which should be conducted in Brazil and Argentina.

“We are also in discussions advanced with many other governments and hope to announce additional agreements for delivery shortly “, said Ugur Sahin, the president of Biontech, is quoted in a press release.

On Tuesday, the british government had announced an agreement on the advance purchase of 30 million doses to the alliance German-american.

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