Viruses: Germany hardens tone against the risk of a second wave

Virus: l’Allemagne durcit le ton face au risque de deuxième vague

Germany, a country so far spared in Europe by the new coronavirus, reinforced on Thursday his arsenal of fight against the pandemic to the threat of a second wave to be imported by holidaymakers returning from leave.

The German authorities want to do this to establish containment hardened at the local level in case of the occurrence of a peak of contamination.

According to a draft agreement between the government and the regional States, which had to be approved Thursday, “no exit” will be enacted at the level of limited geographical areas for the locals who would be reconfinés after the occurrence of an outbreak of COVID-19.

In practice, unless absolutely necessary, they could not leave the geographic area contained, according to this text, of which AFP had a copy.


It is a novelty in the arsenal used in the country, which up to now had a definition relatively soft sub based largely on self-discipline and good will.

Even at the peak of the contamination in march and April, most of the Germans, with the exception of the Bavarian, were not strictly confined to their homes, such as the Italians, the Spanish or the French.

The new measure will not apply, however, cantons, whole, as this was a time considered, but the perimeters are more limited.

“Restrictions of mobility not required” will be applied “in the sense of the inputs and outputs” of the areas concerned, according to this text, developed by the ministers of Health of the federal and regional level.

Practically, the head of the chancellery, Helge Braun, has stated that the German army would be sought in these sub-local that will be set up ” more quickly on a smaller spaces, and more precisely “.

The soldiers of the Bundeswehr will for example put to use to test the population confined to a given location, he says on the public channel ZDF.

This would, he assured, to restrict these confinements to a duration of a few days only.

Relatively spared by the pandemic so far, Germany is concerned about a second wave of the virus, fueled by the reconfinement last month of more than 600 000 inhabitants of the two cantons of North Rhine-Westphalia due to a major focus of contamination in a huge slaughterhouse.

And the eyes are especially today to the beaches of the mediterranean, loved by millions of Germans who go there every summer, especially in Mallorca.


If the main island of the Spanish archipelago of the Balearic islands is far away this year, to know the rush of the last few years, it worries Berlin since young Germans were seen last weekend, in alcohol and in the process of partying, without the slightest sanitary precautions.

The images of the beer bars on the south coast of the island filled with Germans who did not wear masks have provoked the remonstrances of several ministers, including the head of the diplomacy that has taken “the unconscious behaviours” of some holiday makers.

“We have just succeed to reopen the borders in Europe,” said Heiko Maas in an interview with the regional press. “We shouldn’t take the risk (a new closure) by unconscious behaviours. Otherwise new restrictions will be inevitable “, warned the manager.

“We must be very careful” to ensure that the Balearic islands will ” not become a second Ischgl “, a ski resort austrian became this winter a major european household contamination Covid-19, has also warned the minister of Health, Jens Spahn.

The authorities of the favorite island of the Germans in front of the Crete and Rhodes have since tightened the screws and decreed the closure of the bars of the ” Ballermann “, a long esplanade is popular with the Germans, as well as Magaluf, the mecca of tourism partier and excessive british, to the west of the capital, reports the German press.

With 9.078 dead, Germany is so far from “good student” in the fight against the pandemic, a status that is explained by, among others, a policy of testing massive population and a network of hospitals important in the regions.

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