Visit in NURSING homes: families do not comply with the instructions

Employees of a CHSLD de Trois-Rivières should fight against families recalcitrant who refuse to comply with the sanitary rules during visits.

A nurse working at the CHSLD Cooke, who requested anonymity, is concerned about the situation and was entrusted to TVA Nouvelles.

“It really is wearing a mask constantly, which is not observed. It is often placed under the chin, under the nose. Is it repetitive. It happens often. It is necessary to repeat and, when we return, they will start again”, she denounced.

“We want families to be there, but they need to comply with the instructions to be safe. It is difficult to play the police”, she continued.

Families have also been evicted from the accommodation centre after several warnings. However, the CHSLD Cooke, there has been an outbreak of COVID-19 in the month of April. Residents have even died of the virus.

The nurse wishes that the message is heard and that the behaviours of some visitors to change to protect the marine life vulnerable.

In the Mauricie and Centre-du-Québec, six NURSING homes have been affected by the COVID-19.

In Quebec, the coronavirus has caused 3912 deaths in shelter.

“The mask must cover the face, including the nose and the mouth. The guidelines in place are there to protect our seniors. It wants to that it remains a safe and secure environment, we want to maintain the visits with our residents because we know that it is important. It relies on the cooperation of visitors and families,” says Stephanie Despins, deputy director of support and development of professional practices in nursing care of the CIUSSS of the Mauricie and Centre-du-Québec.

It was not only the CHSLD Cooke where the instructions are not followed. Similar situations with the port of the mask and the distance of two metres are also being observed in hospital.

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