Visitors disrespectful to Sutton also

Des visiteurs irrespectueux à Sutton aussi

SUTTON – cans of beer, bottles of alcohol and other wastes pollute the natural reserve of the Mountains-Green, in the area of Sutton, in the Cantons-de-l’est.

Since the beginning of the holiday, the nature conservancy Canada (NCC), which manages this site, denounces a lack of civility of some visitors.

“This is not only hikers who are using our properties this summer, but a lot of people who want to do more partying or camping,” says Cynthia Patry of the CNC.

Not only wrongdoers leave behind waste behind them, but they take paths not permitted that are found near the main trail.

“People, they build fires, not always in ideal locations, for example, in environments that are dry, where there is a lot of conifers”, grieves in addition Ms. Patry.

The nature conservancy Canada, which manages this site, was expecting an increase in ridership, since the borders are closed this summer, but he did not expect to have to do the cleaning and end up with so much garbage.

In the last days, teams were deployed on the ground to install more signage.

The goal is to remind every person who comes to Sutton that some access are simply not allowed.

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