Visitors to the Entertainment District are ready to come back

At least 60% of the habitues of the Quartier des spectacles will want to go back to participate in activities related to cultures once the containment levees. This is according to a web survey Light conducted between the 15 and the 19 of may from 2 144 residents of Montreal and suburbs bordering.

Among the respondents, 68% would be willing to attend a show in a small room, compared to 58% for a concert in a large room. A little more than half of people (54%) will be inclined to attend again the festivals.

In the 2 144 respondents, Lightweight, has selected 245 people who have participated in six or more activities in the Quartier des Spectacles, and 255 were from 3 to 5 activities. These two sub-groups have been considered “regulars” of the Quartier des Spectacles.

Among these regulars, 30% expect less than a month after the lifting of the containment measures to attend to new theatres. And 34% expect between three and six months before you return.

Regarding the purchase of tickets for shows, 41% of people would be willing to pay more if they had the assurance of a sanitary environment more secure. And 76% of respondents would be more likely to buy tickets in the next few months if they were easily transferable or refundable.

About the cultural activities that are online, 76% of respondents who have watched during the containment have indicated that they do not intend to favour this type of viewing after that it will be possible to return to the room.

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