Vitaliy Khmelnytskyi: “Marina Vlady autograph I was denied”

Виталий Хмельницкий: «Марина Влади в автографе мне отказала»

I, unfortunately, have not ever had a chance to see the game of the famous football player of “Shakhtar”, “Dynamo” and national team of the Soviet Union Vitaly Khmelnitsky in the years of his career. Because of their age. Saw only later, when he played for the team of veterans. But no one who knows Vitaly Grigoryevich than a decade, not going to argue: the famous Hops, as respectfully called his teammates and fans, is one of those guys who Dynamo is largely due to people’s love and glory. And Vitaly Grigoryevich always been distinguished by kindness, compassion, dependability, devotion not only the team but also friends. Four-time champion of the Soviet Union, the winner of the Cup of the USSR, participant of world championship in Mexico, he was a humorist from God. “Tales from the Hop” can safely be published as a separate book. The twelfth of June, Vitaly Khmelnitsky was 75 years old. Despite the fact that the last time Vitaly Grigoryevich brings health, in an interview with “FACTS” he did not refuse. Moreover, I met the journalist at the metro station, and soon we were talking in the Park near his house.

Vitaly, in the late 1980s, we, the student journalists knew your football house cave bridge, after all, except you and the other players lived here the coach of our University team, known Dynamo striker Peter Slobodian.

— Yes, except Peter! From different entrances can be a Dynamo team to collect. Vladimir Munteanu, Oleg Bazilevich, Thank Semenov, Sergey Kuznetsov, my friend Sasha Boyko, whose son Dennis is now the main goalkeeper of “Dynamo”. Well, lions. To enhance the game after coming on as a substitute.

— Still living with his wife and son?

— With senior. The younger Vitali three years ago, has died. The fault of the midwife, he received a birth trauma. Brain hemorrhage, cerebral palsy. Where not only drove the son: and to the French clinic and a traditional healer, and in the mountains. All in vain…

— Sorry to touch a nerve. You own something from Zaporizhia will.

Yes, I was born on a farm Tymoshivka. But after the war, when I was four years old, mother of four daughters and I moved to Mariupol, then Zhdanov. Fleeing the famine. The father in 1944 were missing. Fought, were captured, returned. And then asked him back…

Probably, our farm is not. I remember when I finished playing, I decided to go home. But, unfortunately, in those days it rained mud all around. In short, to Timoshevka we never made it. Only the school was visible in the distance.

About your edges was heard even at the Higher school of trainers in Moscow.

In vsht spent the day exploring. Everyone got up and said one of the peasants, the workers, Komsomol, Communist. Boring… When it came to me, introduced himself briefly: “Makhno countrymen. Here is my house, that’s his. Do not remember anything”. Under the loud laughter of the meeting turned. In fact, between my Tymoshivka and his Gulyaypole — twenty miles. But who is there to check.

In Mariupol with food became easier?

— Of course. Saved that for near the sea. The first time we lived in the barracks. The neighbors had no children, so they fed us. Believe it or not, rations even black caviar included! Then, because in the sea of Azov and stellate sturgeon were found, and sturgeon. Only mom eggs on sprat or anchovy change — the whole bucket. I was a little, but that little piece of black bread from the rations still remember. Bread it is always not enough. Later we were given a two-bedroom apartment, my mother worked, my sisters. It became easier.

— And you, the players moved.

Soon after-prom (a school, incidentally, I finished with a silver medal — one of four I young maths teacher slapped) debuted in a local “Azovstal”. Then for three years at Shakhtar and moving to Dynamo.

By the way, in Donetsk, at first, to me no one wanted to play. When the coach asked the team to write a composition on the match, my name was not there. I’m young, anyone a pass did not give. The field began to see only in about 60 years (laughs). You hit the ball and rushed forward. Loss, counter to our gate, only to hear: “the Seagull, kill!” Although in the first match for the “basis” scored in Leningrad “Zenith”. This is even Pravda wrote!

— Seagull?

I’m after a single case was called. Going to Moscow for the game. Sitting in the back, 19-year-old, not bothering anyone. Suddenly someone, the crossword, whisper takes the help of a friend: “Sea bird of nine letters?” I from Mariupol — I know that Albatross. But, hesitating, give the entire cabin: “CH-CH-CH-CH-gull”. The bus is laughing, coach Oshenkov furious.

However, Chaika in Kiev is not stuck In the “Dynamo” I just became the Hops.

— Khmelnytsky came to Dynamo in place of the Dynamo. Impressive…

— Valera then for a year played mainly for the reserves, although he was my role model at the left edge of the attack. Before it was seen in Kiev his game with “Kairat”. Well he then of Almaty “Tinker”. Two goals I think scored.

The word, “living” the place I came. Occasionally saw Lobanovskiy: “hi. How are you?” Vasilich was already a professional and understand that his problems are not in Brussels.

— Apartment in Kiev immediately given?

— Lived in the hotel “Theatre”. In the same room with Basil Turanicum. He had just divorced. And then we together with his mother and stepfather was given an apartment on the Boulevard Lesia Ukrainka. In the ninth room, close to Besarabsky market.

— People’s love was given to the newcomer hard?

— I think after the first game with CSKA Odessa fans have forgotten Dynamo — they have a new idol. But seriously, I’m in the first season nine (!) a penalty earned. The people in the stands were going to be demanding, take your foot — not forgive. And I’m still no pads played. Then it was resolved.

Виталий Хмельницкий: «Марина Влади в автографе мне отказала»
* On may 3, 1973. Famous striker was escorted out of football before the home match with “Spartak”

— World Cup 1966 in England you do not have, as far as I know, not football reasons.

For psychological imbalance (laughs)… I’m then in a single season three times removed from the field. In the match against Celtic in Tbilisi I grappled with the Scottish defender Jim Craig. Next Vitya pieces of silver and ran the Briton on the nose. The judge did not understand and showed a red card to me.

Then I was removed from the field during a tour of South America. Released for the Meskhetians ten minutes before the end. Was ready to tear veins! Give me the ball, and the Brazilian, holding me by the hand, wins the ball. Here I am in the hearts and “moved” into him from behind.

The third time was injured in Rostov. Win 5:0, I scored two goals. But then the young defender rostovchan decided to test the strength of my legs. I could not resist, pushed of the offender. And he threw himself on the lawn collapsed. The month of Ineligibility discharged me then. You see, the sum of the committed “crimes”.

Already with years of regret could have played at two world cups, and played in only one.

— Your teammate and friend Andrey Biba on Soviet coins autographs from Pele himself. Was famous in his time story…

So it’s Sam Andrew A. Biba! And I’m on your passport once tried to get an autograph. Not only have Pele, and Marina Vlady. In Moscow airport “Sheremetyevo”. It then Vysotsky in Paris accompanied, as we do with the national team flew to Vienna. Remember, the high, in a luxurious fur coat, belt belted. Refused. “Oh, never mind,’ said Volodya. — See, she’s not in the spirit.”

— Did you know Vysotsky?

Yes. It is when the Taganka theater was on tour in Kiev, came to us at the training base in Koncha-Zaspa. By the way, my namesake Boris Khmelnitsky — another popular actor. However, it is not known who famous was — us or them. Especially after football games (laughs).

— You have the Soviet distirubtion was used.

— “Gold piece on the platform to carry”? The joke for me our coach Victor Terentyev taught himself was caught in the train. Tie fishing line to a piece of gold, and to a crowded place. The platform, station, train… My tenner one and never caught up!

— In the years of your career often practiced trips to South America.

— I was just six or seven went. The month and a half we were gone, playing friendlies. We relied on the 75 convertible rubles for each country. More countries — more money. So our football Manager Borj Lantz each time trying to expand the geography team. Somehow in Chile. Santiago — such a neat city. By the way, paid Borj checks in the store can be exchanged for things.

— And in Alliance to resell…

— I personally never had to do this! Buy myself a suit for a hundred dollars — and in Kiev all my bride (laughs). Yes, and to walk the money is needed (smiling). Although a lot of our guys, especially Muscovites, practiced such “business”. The fashion in those days nylon raincoat in the suitcase a lot placed.

— Admit it, already dead, thrown into the bed of the coach Maslow (of the famous Grandfather) on the Dynamo base, — your handiwork?

— I have an alibi — I’m afraid of snakes. There is a suspicion that the Viper Viktor Aleksandrovich then weightlifters were planted. They also lived on base. But the expressions of an angry Grandfather, ran out into the corridor in his underwear to his knees after the discovery of the “snakes,” I still remember. The first thing he thought me.

But the playing card “trick” in Amsterdam exactly what you bought.

We transfer there was. In the morning I go to the gift shop, eyes run. And then I older the seller’s giving playing cards. With naked women! Well, I guess if that’s the case, studying me bourgeois delights. But only when I opened the pack and me will electrocute himself. It turned out, the cards inside were not only the battery and some contacts. In short, I bought a couple of “decks”.

With us flew the President of the football Federation of the USSR Nikolay Ryashentsev. So we conspired with Slava Metreveli. Just boarded the bus, and he, snatching my hand, began to shout: “Nicholas, let’s see what young does. The naked women!” Ryashentsev there seized a “sedition”. And a minute later the cabin came a scream. Could not resist, he still looked…

Виталий Хмельницкий: «Марина Влади в автографе мне отказала»
* In the 1960-1970-ies Vitaly Khmelnitsky was a favorite of fans of “Dynamo”. Photo by the author

Many years have you worked as a coach for children. Your famous students many of you know.

— I do not like the word “pupil”. Tell me, when I was 14 years old came now, unfortunately, the late Ilya Tsymbalar, I’m his skills are not taught. He was already much he could. The main thing was to help the guy realize his best qualities. And of those with whom I have worked, call Yura Dmitrulin many years played at the Lobanovsky, Sergey Zayats, Sergey Koridze, and the large field was good, and then twice became the best scorer of the European championship on Futsal. Of those who still plays, I did nick Morozyuk, Vladimir Lysenko, Denis Boiko.

— Vitaly G., stories from Khmelnitsky encore, please!

— Puzzled, so many years have passed… Okay. Kiev, Victory Avenue. In the stairwell of flats almost simultaneously come two well drunken man. Word for word, start to sort things out. As a result, one lift left, and the other foot went. After a minute or two meet again on the third floor and, glancing askance at each other, begin to call in the same apartment. The owner opens the door and shook his hand everyone offers to come in.

Actors. The owner is a famous film Director, our friend Sergei Paradjanov, the visitors — the football player of “Dynamo” Victor pieces of silver… and innocent Smoktunovskij. Razumovskogo Yuri Detochkin from “Beware of the car”. Yeah, there were people in our time!..

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