Vitaly Kudryavtsev are not spoiled by novels: an exclusive interview with the actor

The actor played the detective melodrama “Three sisters”, which airs on the TV channel “Ukraine”

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Today, 09:11

Popular actor Vitaly Kudryavtsev played the “good guy” in new detective drama “Three sisters”, the premiere of the series which the TV channel “Ukraine” will show Monday, March 2, at 21:00.

Виталий Кудрявцев не избалован романами: эксклюзивное интервью с актером

Actor Vitaly Kudryavtsev

The actor spoke about his character, about the election of new projects, and why not become a football player.

First, tell us about your character – who is he, what is his role in the film?

My character is a man who wants to help, and this is the main action. In General, a human being, he’s definitely close. Because every normal person’s inherent nature.

At the moment he is alone, without family, but because by nature he is a normal man, it would be hard to be alone, especially after 40 years. And here this situation fits into the plot, because you need somewhere to spend their hand. Him being successful in his business, and wants to be realized in the field of helping people. And, of course, in love, we all try for yourself, and he wants a normal, human, happiness. In this and built the whole film.

What is most important to you when choosing a new project?

First of all should be history. This is our profession. The script, story and plot is like the alpha and omega of filmmaking. Most importantly, of course, what we want to say to the viewer, and what thoughts he needs to get away from the screen. But first and foremost we need him to be something of interest. He was associated with these heroes, instead of saying… well, it is strange to look at this life I will not, and it’s a little divorced from reality. Of course, it is very important to maintain a balance to not just tell a kind of domestic history. For example, in Comedy – important sense of humor, so for the genre of melodrama, it is important that these events were serious, and the stakes are very high. Not to be all “36,6” – on degree, and we simply observe a certain life with certain events that are not something out of the ordinary.

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Vitaly, why not become a footballer, just like your father, but chose the acting profession?

To become a footballer, they need to be, first and foremost. Many people want to be football players, but become one. Also, as actors, but in reality it is quite complex and ornate way. As I was taught – when you go to the theatre, you will ask: “Why do you need it?”. Answer – “can’t Live without theatre!”.

Виталий Кудрявцев не избалован романами: эксклюзивное интервью с актером

Actor Vitaly Kudryavtsev

Since I am in the profession came rather late, and it became my lifesaver, as saying: “I loved judo and TO”. We did not create, we live the lives of others, we are not the pilots of international airlines, we are not doctors, not rescue workers, not firefighters, but, nevertheless, I think that these people go into these professions that is in his heart. Acting is so challenging, unpredictable, energy-consuming profession that… Men say – get some “serious” business! Just to you then do not be disappointed – here it go or will not go, this is a very big question. Life itself forced me to step on this big and dangerous way.

About your personal life is legendary… how Often do ascribe those novels that you never had. And how you amorous man?

You know, all the time, in my youth all the feelings bubbling up much brighter. As for novels – I think it’s too exaggerated, I have never had a large number of novels. Unfortunately, we often exaggerate and invent for you – heard the bell, but do not know where he is. This is even not any problem because, I think, members of the hot media should at least verify the information instead of trying something to give. Of course, it’s much easier to invent something secretly to replicate. That’s why most journalists, which is something like writing, do not check the information and not ask you directly. I would answer you the same answer.

You can openly talk about very personal?

Actually, personal life and personal – in my opinion. She loves the silence, just makes no sense for the average man who is not your loved one, such as to grind a completely pointless story. We work for people in their work, we do it not for myself but for them, that they was taking something out. I’m not advocating that to be known by some facts from his personal life. I the supporter of that a lot of work and produce a quality product.

I have no loves, this, of course, not true, about a million novels. Now vector other. There is a very narrow range, like any normal person, loved people well.

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Виталий Кудрявцев не избалован романами: эксклюзивное интервью с актером

Виталий Кудрявцев не избалован романами: эксклюзивное интервью с актером

Виталий Кудрявцев не избалован романами: эксклюзивное интервью с актером

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