Vivien (Married at first sight 3) still married to Charline ? It responds

Vivien (Mariés au premier regard 3) toujours marié à Charline ? Il répond

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Vivien (Married at first sight still married to Charline ? It responds

Then it will be on April 8th to find out if the couples of Married at first sight 3 have decided to stay married or to divorce, Vivien has just put an end to any suspense on Instagram. This Monday, April 1, 2019, the real estate developer has confirmed to be still in a relationship with Charline and he has made a beautiful declaration of love.

Have scientists finally found the first couple of Married at first sight stay married ? While the season 3 of the show continues on M6 and that will be from April 8, 2019, if the young couple wishes to remain married or to divorce, we already know the sad fate of Nolwenn and Florian, and Marlene and Kevin who were divorced before they could even find yourself in front of the experts. Unfortunately, Elodie and Steven seem to take the same path…

“The importance of this day is that we can be together”

While all the hopes turn to Claire and Gaëtan, Charline and Vivien come to surprise everyone by announcing that they are still together today ! If a supposed close stated that the couple had divorced shortly after the filming of the experience, Vivien has confirmed to be still in a relationship with his wife : “My Heart, it is a little less than a year, we said YES to life… no matter what the method, no matter what the circumstance, regardless of what people might think, that is important… the importance of this day is that we can be together, happy, and in love.”, he wrote on Instagram.

A beautiful statement

“So yes, tonight’s episode we will discuss one of the most intense moments of the experience. However, it still have so much further to go, that we may not even count. “As in any relationship, we have experienced more difficult times than others” and can be the worst to come, and like any relationship it will have to be overcome. You know my side fearful relating to the expression of feelings, so enjoy : I’m proud that you’re my wife. This woman that I love. #woman #love #love #pride #couplegoals #joy #happiness”. A beautiful statement to which Charline replied : “My heart, you’ve made me the chills… I love you, I love you, I love you and I am proud to have you at my side…”


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