Vlad Topalov showed looks like his mom

Влад Топалов показал, как выглядит его мама

Vlad Topalov said moving to wish your mom happy birthday.

33-year-old artist Vlad Topalov often posts family photos, which mostly posing with his wife Regina Todorenko and young son Michael. However, in honor of the holiday, he shared a picture with her mother, reports the Chronicle.info with reference for Today.

Vlad Topalov on his page on Instagram showed looks like his mother. The actor also wrote the touching words addressed to a loved one touched by subscribers.

“Mom! It’s true, this is the first and most important word in the life of every living being! Mom! How many in this word. A Lot Of Things. Love! Tenderness! Affection! Care! Support! Heat! Goodness! No matter how many years that did not happen, we are always drawn to mom “on handle”, into her embrace, where it’s warm, quiet, cozy, comfortable, where no one is hurt and won’t get you! Favorite mom! You’re my warmth, my very first love, my heart, my soul and my pride! Please healthy and most happy!”, – written by the artist.

Topalov also reminded subscribers that believes his beloved Regina Todorenko great mom.

“We, your children, lucky girl to have you. I such as you never saw! Except that my wife also loves our son as me! I look at them and see us. And differently aware of your deed, your love and sacrifice for children! You always said that I will understand only when your appear! Now I understand! We love you with every fiber of your body and soul that you gave to us! We – your world and your life, and you’re ours! Thank you for such a life! Happy Birthday!”, – completed Topalov.

Влад Топалов показал, как выглядит его мама


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