Vlad Yama cheered subscribers funny videos with his wife

Dancer has published a comical video on the social network

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Влад Яма развеселил подписчиков смешным видео с женой

Vlad Yama with his wife Liliana

Ukrainian dancer and choreographer Vlad Yama was published on his page in Instagram a fun video with my wife Liliana. The video Vlad and Liliana imprinted with virtual masks on the face in the form of hats and beards. “If you thought that after may holidays I look not, look at my wife,” – said in the video, Vlad.

“And how are you doing,” asked followers Pit.

“I love people with a sense of humor! Your wife should try out for “Women’s quarter”, “What are you funny”, “I Love your sense of humor,” “You make me laugh”, “you Have a merry wife, cool”, – write fans of Vlad in the comments under the video.

Recall, Vlad Yama in the image of stylish and macho man starred in a photo shoot.

We also reported that Vlad Yama in one towel boasted bare torso. The actor posted a provocative photo to the network.

About office romances stars, see the video below:

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