Vlad Yama showed himself to be a child with a “double” Potap

Влад Яма показал себя ребенком с "двойником" Потапа

Double Potap was a girl. The main choreographer of Ukraine, a judge and a frequent participant of “Dancing with the stars” Vlad Yama on the eve of the new air legendary dance show showed the archive with one of the first partners on the floor. Fans said that the girl is very similar to the famous Ukrainian artist Potapov. The image was published on page Vlad the Pit in Instagram, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to RBC.

Under the picture he wrote: “I think it’s powerful.”

Fans noted the extraordinary similarity of Vlad a small Pit with his father, but his partner reminded them of the Ukrainian rap artist Alexey Potapenko.

“The girl left farm like, no offense)”, “Nostalgia))),” “I’m sorry, but I think the one that a girl much like Potap?”, “The partner already knew a sponge to fold, You here a copy of the father!”, “Are you with captain?”, “Vlad, even with the hair))))”, “This remained, almost or slightly changed… Grown up, fit and experience added.”, – write fans.Влад Яма показал себя ребенком с "двойником" Потапа

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