Vlad Yama showed his weenie right in the middle of the street

Влад Яма показал свою сосиску прямо посреди улицы

Vlad Yama

Famous Ukrainian dancer, member of the jury of a dance show “Dancing with the stars”, and the coach is a humorous program “League of Laughter” Vlad Yama is not often shared with fans details his personal life. However, from time to time on his page in social network Instagram all new photo. So this time the dancer shared a funny picture that was taken, obviously, at the gas station.

The photo that appeared in the account of the star dancer, he appeared on the overview of the audience in a funny manner. As it turned out, the showman decided to eat, and bought at the gas station juicy hot dog with protruding sausage. Dancer posing in the car, and he’s got such a guilty face, because he suffers from FAS food. This selfie was taken on the phone by Vlad, it shows the swamp color t-shirt. Some fans noted that the dancer was very thin, which showed on his face.

In the caption to a selfie Vlad Yama wrote: “Sunday sin”. Many fans of the star dancer did not remain indifferent to such a dear photo and began to discuss it. Fans delighted with a fun image of your pet, and covered it with compliments in the comments. But most, of course, began to discuss the “sins” of the dancer. Fans, in particular, joking about the fact that your “Sunday sin” showman showed on Tuesday. But others have noted that Vlad lost a lot of weight, and advise him recover back.

“Look exactly worthy of forgiveness,” “a Little you”, “You are so Holy, little sin”, “shame on you. Sin no more”, “Oh, and I’d sinned so happy”, “At gas stations Wog the yum-yum and coffee,” “Vlad, something no matter you really look like in bondage kept you, repent, go and come in the form of” “And you eat them?”, “Where’s my sausage? Here’s my sausage!”, “And his eyes are, if you made” – write in the comments to the photo.

Recall, Vlad Yama shared archive photos of the little captain in a dress.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that Vlad Yama shared a rare snapshot with her “miracle”, the network is crying from emotion.

Also, the portal “Znayu” I wrote that Vlad Yama for participating in the “Dancing with the stars” will do what nobody expected.


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