Vladimir Dantes eloquently praised himself, but people are not fooled: “Ego rolls”

Владимир Дантес красноречиво похвалил себя, но людей не проведешь: "Самолюбие зашкаливает"

Vladimir Dantes

today, 09:16

Famous singer and TV presenter, husband of Nadia Dorofeeva and just handsome Dylan Dantes is famous for its excellent sense of humor. Recently, the artist presented a new video on the ironic song “Now you’re 30”, and recently released Nadine clip, in which he also starred. Dantes an active user of Instagram, which often pleases the audience with vivid photos and videos from your life, and this time he showed an innocent photo, the signature to which he began to praise yourself.

The picture shows Vladimir Dantes posing in a black hoodie, over which he threw a beige jacket. In one hand he holds a microphone and something inspired it says, and the second hand holding a cell phone. In the caption to the photo artist began to praise yourself. “I love people, whose face is visible to the breed, intelligence, and become the kind of beauty that cannot compete. Here is a photo with such a person. Barely caught him in town. Rumor has it, some people’s photo on the dashboard of a car to hang to watch every day and smile, and feel safe.” The fans did not leave without attention the new publication of the artist.

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Владимир Дантес красноречиво похвалил себя, но людей не проведешь: "Самолюбие зашкаливает"

We will remind, the husband of Nadia Dorofeeva Dantes was intrigued by a new project.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that the husband Dorofeeva showed how it spends its money.

Also, the portal “Znayu” he wrote that the husband of Nadia Dorofeeva showed spicy photo.

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