Vladimir Ostapchuk commented on his departure from the show “dancing with the stars”: “Without you I would have been uninteresting”

Владимир Остапчук прокомментировал свой вылет из шоу "Танцы со звездами": "Без вас я стал бы неинтересным"

today, 06:22

Ukrainian TV presenter Vladimir Ostapchuk, who took part in the project “dancing with the stars”, diosi to the semifinals, originally commented on his departure from taruvinga show. Ostapchuk thanked all those who used to support him and voted, and addressed haters.

This kind of message Ostapchuk left on his page in Instagram. He compared the show to “Dancing with the stars with the children’s camp” where someone’s parents arrive earlier and someone later.

“Thank you, for what I spent this time with my big family of the project participants. We as kids camp, just for someone’s parents came a week early. You all the best in his field and was not afraid to come and try yourself in something new, ” wrote the presenter.

Владимир Остапчук прокомментировал свой вылет из шоу "Танцы со звездами": "Без вас я стал бы неинтересным"

Also, the TV host turned to haters and “advisers” who constantly criticized him on the project. He thanked them for what stimulated him for his criticism.

“Thank the haters, for your “don’t jump” , “go home”, “behave normally” and especially for the tips on how to arrange my personal life. Your anger is my best incentive … Without you I would have been cloying and uninteresting. And most importantly – thank you to my family and friends. for night calls, the morning kicks and the daily debriefing. My children, Elena, mom, dad, relatives, native Uman’, Ukraine and other countries – I thank you for that now I am a happy person “, – concluded Ostapchuk.

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