Vladimir Zelensky became President of Ukraine: the reaction of celebrities

Catherine Kuhar, Jamal, Alan Badoev and other artists commented on the inauguration of Vladimir Zelensky

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Владимир Зеленский стал президентом Украины: реакция знаменитостей

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky and his wife Elena

May 20 inauguration of Vladimir Zelensky. The President gave the oath to the Ukrainian people. Many stars previously Zelensky congratulated on his election victory. And after he took office of the President of Ukraine, the reaction of the celebrities is also not long in coming. So, have responded to the event Jamal, Catherine Kuchar, Vera Brezhnev and other artists.

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  • Jamal:

“Wrimo only in naikrashe! Zvykli dorati! Volodymyr Zelensky, vitayu! May God give the strength!!! TSE, folding way, ale Divisi s nado!!!”.

Владимир Зеленский стал президентом Украины: реакция знаменитостей

  • Catherine Kuhar:

“The first time I watched from beginning to end the inauguration… so Excited! I even did not stop American time (here the hour of the night)! Like human beings, from the heart and with a steel will…… This should be a real man and a President of our country.”

Владимир Зеленский стал президентом Украины: реакция знаменитостей

Catherine Kuhar supports Vladimir Zelensky


“A new Chapter in the history of Ukraine begins right now and what it will be, depends on each of us. Believe in light, believe in the best. Patience, strength and honest people nearby,” – wrote the artist and added a photo of Vladimir and Elena Zelensky.

  • Natalia Mogilev:

“Congratulations! Very brave and courageous act. If people in power would stop stealing and “derebanit” the budget of Ukraine will rise in just a couple of years. But if the subsoil of Ukraine will start to work for us, if will be launched production – generation of Ukrainians will live well. Let them pass the reform, and have enough endurance and health to overcome obstacles. Believe. I hope so.”

  • Alan Badoev:

“Today is an important day! I have always dreamed that our country was ruled by a people with a human face, with a smile, with pride for his family, his friends, and everyone who lives in Ukraine. The way this family will probably cost a good book, maybe a movie… Ahead, they have many days of sleepless nights, complicated tasks, and of course new victories for all of US! VLADIMIR – cope, his perseverance, strength and spirit enough, and enough for three! He just came to make his country better, I believe. Good luck friends! We are with You and For You! My President”.

  • Olga Sumskaya:

“Our President!”.

Владимир Зеленский стал президентом Украины: реакция знаменитостей

  • Irina Demicheva, wife MONATIK:

“Congratulations to our beautiful Country with a New stage.I sincerely believe in change for the better.”

  • Vera Brezhneva:

“Congratulations! I hope! Believe it!

  • Svetlana Loboda:

“God Forbid! Believe in the best!!! The world.”

In addition, Vladimir Zelensky Instagram has published several photos from the inauguration, and signed them: “Sklave oath. Novyi Etap. Mi gotov”.

Владимир Зеленский стал президентом Украины: реакция знаменитостей

The Inauguration Of Vladimir Zelensky

In the comments of the new President of Ukraine was also supported by many stars, among which the Regina todorenko, Nadia Dorofeeva, Kyivstoner, Dimitri Komarov and others.

Previously, we showed an image of the first lady of Ukraine at the inauguration and told interesting facts about Elena Zelensky.

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