Vlogpology : when the bad buzz can help you gain views and subscribers Youtube

Vlogpology : quand les bad buzz permettent de gagner des vues et abonnés Youtube

Vlogpology : when the bad buzz can help you gain views and subscribers Youtube

It has become a real phenomenon on Youtube : more and more stars of Youtube have recourse to the vlogpology, namely the video of apology or mea culpa. Logan Paul, James Charles, PewDiePie, Math Podcast… Many of them have been used after being found in the heart of a bad buzz and have earned, through it, views, subscribers and forgiveness as hoped.

It is in tears that ImJayStation, his real name is Jason Ethier, appeared in his latest video. In it, the youtubeur to 5.4 million subscribers, has acknowledged that his girlfriend Alexia Marano was still alive, contrary to what he had to believe. A week earlier, it was revealed that she had been killed by a drunk driver and was trying to contact her with a ouija board. A session he filmed and released on Youtube, now removed. If he has decided to reveal the truth today, this is not a problem of awareness, or vis-à-vis the relatives of Alexia, but because it threatens to ruin his life.

ImJayStation were made to believe that his girlfriend Alexia Marano was dead after a video in which he contacted through a ouija board

What is the vlogpology ?

A video of excuse that is called, in the world of Youtube, a vlogpology, contraction of vlog and “apology” (apologize). But that is what it is ? As its name indicates, the vlogpology occurs when a youtubeur famous finds itself mired in a controversy and reveals a video to apologize and/or make his mea culpa.

Many of the stars of Youtube have been used, like Laura Lee (after tweets racist), Jeffree Star (as a result of racist comments and derogatory dating back 10 years), James Charles (in the context of his clash with Tati Westbrook), PewDiePie (then accused of racism after a new skid) or Zoella (after having made and sold a calendar in a very expensive young children).

The video excuse the most famous is probably the one made by Logan Paul after the controversy surrounding the video in which he shoots the corpse of a man who hanged himself in the “forest of suicide” in Japan. In France, the phenomenon has also made its way. Last November, for example, after more than a year of absence, Math Podcast dedicates a video on the controversy of plagiarism, and the program Youtube that concerned. This is a playlist of YouTube Apologies” the most views.

Videos of “Vlogpology” the most views on Youtube

A bad buzz that can bring in big

In most cases, these polemics, which allow their authors to gain notoriety and, quite often, vlogpologies beat records in terms of views. For example, Jake Paul has doubled its number of subscribers in 3 months after you posted the video where he asked forgiveness. In addition, the comments under this kind of videos are more numerous than usual, in the majority of cases. One way (quite successfully so) to make a bad buzz something beneficial !

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