“Voice. Diti 5”: how was the first edition of the show

Find out all the details of the blind auditions of season 5 of the show “the Voice.Children”

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"Голос. Діти 5": как прошел первый выпуск шоу

“Voice. Children”: how was the first issue

This Sunday, may 26, the premiere of the musical show “the Voice. Diti 5”.

On the first day of the blind auditions on stage were singers with incredibly strong voices. For a lot of the talent was fierce competition between coaches who were willing to do anything to get members in your team. According to the results of the first day of the blind auditions in the team Jamala two members of the group “Time and Glass” took their team of four singers, Jiji has become a leader in the number of participants — the team of 5 children.

When came on the scene thirteen-year-old member from Volyn oblast, Yaroslav Karpuk, the coaches were confused. The guy sang a song Elvis Presley Fallin in love, and from the first seconds Nadia Dorofeeva said: “this is not dytyna, hi”.

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Jamal suggested that on the stage invited to an adult party. The power of the voice of Yaroslav turned all coach seats, and stellar mentors applauded the singer a standing ovation. Jamal called him a diamond, and Jiji — nugget. In the struggle for the young singer, the coaches began vying with one another to perform a song Frank Sinatra Let it snow, but Yaroslav chose the team Jiji.

Also, the artist team added another four participants. Maxim Ustyanskie won the coaches song “den narodzhennya” group BB, Bogdan Petrovsky earnestly sang the song Tina Karol “Zakrili two Ochi”, and launched a chair Jiji. As a mentor he chose two girls: Julia Brown, singer with Iranian roots, who performed an incendiary song Little party and Sofia Vinnik, which chose the song Jiji “Comau”.

To a seven year old Taisia Skomorohova, who performed the song Simply the best, the coaches turned around literally in the first seconds and tried to persuade the girl to go to him in the team. Jiji decided to stay ahead of competitors, Taisiya picked up on hands and sat in his chair. “She’s mine, not give up for anything. I bitica not pdmode”, — said the actor. Nadia Dorofeeva and Jamal was not far behind, so the girl sat in all the coaching chairs. On the Positive and Jiji vying jokingly began to offer a strong vocalist their smartphones. Despite all the tricks coaches, Taisa made the choice in favor of “Time and Glass”. Young Tina Turner, it was so named by her coaches commented on his decision: “Since childhood I have called “Positive” and “incendiary device” and I think that is more my style suits me the group “Time and Glass”.

As mentors popular group chose ten-year-old Daria Bugaychuk from Exactly, who sang in the blind auditions song “Atlantis” by the Hardkiss. Literally from the first seconds of her turned Jamal and Nadia Dorofeeva broke down and pressed the button without waiting for the decision of Positive, for what the singer had to apologize to his colleague. Turning, Jiji was surprised, because I thought that the scene there, man. So, Dasha was able to deploy all three seats. “God, how I samuraia. It was a winning performance”, — emotionally commented on the speech by Nadia Dorofeeva.

Made a splash on “the Voice. Children of the” twelve-year-old Alexander Tatarashvili, singer from Georgia. Alexander sang a complicated song Celine Dion All by myself, and touched the star coaches to tears. Nadia Dorofeeva emotionally commented on the speech of the singer: “I Have no words, because such votes are very rare. It seems to me that this season was worth doing just for you”. Alexander chose a team of “Time and Glass”.

Surprisingly, the boy not only has powerful vocals, but already has made a truly adult act — persuaded parents to adopt 4 kids whose mom and dad died in a car accident. The boy dreams of becoming a famous singer, to help the children left without parents.

On the first day of blind auditions, the Jamala team with two strong vocalists. Twelve-year-old Yaroslav Politov from Energodar has become the first participant in the project and performed adult song Dami Im “Sound of silence”. The guy from the first seconds turned all coach seats. “I vdcol your soul. The Tobi vzhe – Taka glibina, and TSE navti not about the voice, not about tvy Vik, TSE vdott about music,” commented Jamal. Its team was joined by a participant from the city of Rivne — Maxim Daviduke, who dedicated a song Christina Aguilera “Hurt” his father. “Ti spas nache God I TSE duzhe cool,” said Jamal.

“Voice.Children” season 5 release 1 – watch online from 26.05.2019:

Even more interesting presentations and vivid singers can be seen in the new season of “the Voice. Diti 5” every Sunday at 21:00 on TV channel “1+1”.

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