“Voice. Diti 5”: to whom will kneel Jiji?

Viewers will see the second edition of the project

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"Голос. Діти 5": перед кем встанет на колени Дзидзьо?

“The Voice Of The Children 5”

This Sunday, 26 may at 21:00 viewers will see the second issue of “blind auditions” the vocal project “Voice. Diti 5”.

The second day on the main vocal stage will be twelve-year-old inhabitant of Odessa Sofia Bykova. At school a girl is often compared to her beloved Swedish singer Zara Larsson. Sofia was inspired by the story of a singer who has gone from participating in various talent shows to the world stage.

“Music plays a big role in my life. It’s not just a hobby, I live it. My dream is to become a world famous singer to set new musical trends. The Project “Voice. Diti” is the first step to my goal,” said the young singer.

"Голос. Діти 5": перед кем встанет на колени Дзидзьо?

“The voice of the children 5”

A ten-year Egor Umanets from Odessa came to the project to prove to my father that on stage he can reach the same heights as the dad in the medical profession. The father believes that the work of the singer is not serious and that it is time to finish it up. Boy even gave up on Boxing, but he soon left the sport and went on the voice, because he feels happy when singing lyrical songs. This act was a cause for ridicule among classmates. But the young singer will be on the big stage to prove to everyone that music can achieve impressive results. For the blind auditions, the guy chose a song Jamala “Way dodomu”, and this Sunday viewers know will unfold if the all-star coach for their song.

On stage the best project of the country will be ten-year-old Bogdan School. “When I sing, my life becomes a fairy tale. I don’t see one eye, and the doctors forbade me to exercise, but to sing for me,” said the girl. His song, the young singer wants to convey to everyone that we need to forget about complexes, fears and open up to the world.

In the fifth season of children continue to prove that their talents are very diverse. So, the world Cup winner in pankration (mixed martial arts) Maxim komisarchuk from Chernivtsi by example to show the students that with effort you can achieve anything. The boy will perform the song Ed Sheeran “Perfect”. Your hand on a try and seven-year-old Veronica Sea. On account of the little vocalist only victory in various competitions, and on stage “Voice. Children of” girl wants to conquer new musical peak. For the blind auditions Veronica chose the song Ilaria’s force “Force”, but despite his age, she writes words and music for her songs.

In addition, in the new issue of “the Voice. Children” the audience will see what acrobatics is ready Positive to coax the child to go to the team “Time and Glass” and to whom Jiji kneel. Also revealed the intrigue, what party will come to support the project Nina Matvienko, and star mentors openly share stories of bullying in school.

"Голос. Діти 5": перед кем встанет на колени Дзидзьо?

“The voice of the children 5”

Note “Voice. 5 diti” is a season of incredible children that sing like adults vocalists. In the fifth season of revamped lineup: singer and young mother of Jamal, an artist and an idol for children Jiji and trendsetters, soloists of group “Time and Glass” Nadia Dorofeeva and Positive. Presenters will favorite telepara Ukrainians – Yuri Gorbunov and Ekaterina Osadchaya.

Earlier, we recalled the performances of the participants of the last fourth of the season, who conquered the whole country.

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