“Voice. Diti 5”: when the new season of

The coaches of the new season said, what voices will be looking for

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"Голос. Діти 5": когда стартует новый сезон

The group “Time and Glass”

Sunday 26 may will host the premiere of a children’s vocal show “the Voice. Diti.” Viewers waiting for a new coaching staff, which included singer Jamal, showman Jiji, and soloists of the group “Time and Glass” Nadia Dorofeeva and Positive.

Before the big premiere of the new season of star coaches show “the Voice. Children-5” admitted to what voices will be looking for.

“We are looking for voices that will surprise us and the whole country. Here unimportant styles, as the group “Time and Glass” loves experimenting in art. Even academic voice, you can make unique with a trendy and cool instrumental arrangements,” shares Nadya Dorofeeva.

And Positive, in turn, admits that the new season is waiting for the appearance of talents and personalities that can win the hearts, especially of the younger generation:

“It is for such people the future of the Ukrainian show-business. For the artist, of course, voice is important, but equally important identity, individuality. I would like to see in our team it is these people, with a catchy voice and strong character.”

"Голос. Діти 5": когда стартует новый сезон


For the first time the coaching chair, the only children’s vocal show in Ukraine is a singer and young mother of Jamal. The actress said: “First of all, very important is the charisma, uniqueness of timbre and the ability to engage in his song from the first note. In this season of such participants very much.”

In turn, Jiji, who also will act as a coach said that he wants to convey all his experience to kids confidently walked to his dream.

“I have a lot of experience with children, I know how to teach them to stand on the stage, how to unleash the full potential. Help them to feel that they should love people and people love only when they feel the sincerity,” says the artist.

The Winner Of “The Voice. Diti-4” became a ward of multiartist MONATIK Danelia Tuleshov. In addition to the title of the winner of the project, the young singer received a trip for two to Disneyland Paris and a three-month rotation on “Our radio”.

The fifth season promises to open the audience incredibly strong adult voices of young singers.

We will remind, it became known, who won “country Holos 9”.

Note that many viewers did not agree with the result of the show.

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