“Voice. Diti 5”: who became the second coach show

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"Голос. Діти 5": кто стал вторым тренером шоу

The voice of the country

During the second live broadcast of the “Voice of the country-9” leading announced that trendsetters and hit-makers of modern show business, the soloists of the group “Time and Glass” Nadia Dorofeeva and Positive is a double coaching chair in the project “Voice. Children-5”.

Nadia Dorofeeva shared his impressions about the participation in the fifth season of “the Voice. Children”:

“I remember the first time I was very surprised live to hear such powerful children’s voices. Thought that this time we’re Positive we will be more prepared to meet the talent. But could not imagine that the new generation will be with such powerful voices! I’m sure this season will be the cult. Do not wait, when the audience will see on every kid who came out and sang like a winner. It is impossible to control emotion, when, turning, you see a beautifully singing the baby a little more than a microphone. Coaches this season are incredibly difficult!”.

"Голос. Діти 5": кто стал вторым тренером шоу

The voice of children of 5 Photo: press-service

“This season in the show was the new generation that is stronger and tougher than a lot of popular and established singers. These are kids – individuals, who are able to Express themselves and create in new ways. Their voices are stronger, their music more important, their hearts beating with the idea to change the world, to tell their story and share their feelings. This season each participant inspires and delights! I want to talk to them, hear and learn how they feel the music as they are the future,” – says Posititve.

Previously, we have described all the details of the quarter-finals of the show “Golos Krainy 9”.

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