Volleyball: reconstruction is underway, the next Arago de Sète squad is ready

Volleyball: reconstruction is underway, the next Arago de Sète squad is ready

Maximiliano Gauna sera entouré par beaucoup de nouveaux coéquipiers la saison prochaine. MIDI LIBRE – Jérôme Belluire

In its 2024-2025 version, a more offensive team has been built.

Between inconclusive experiences for some and the weight of years for others, we decided within Arago to clean up the field a little. Barring a collective exploit but also a Parisian collapse, in two matches, Kreek, Deveze, Diop, Zanotti, Beriot and Gonzalez will join Garcia in the list of former players of the house. And to move on, Luc Marquet set about building « an expressive and more offensive team ».

As a ferryman, Arturo Iglesias thus joins the singular island. The 28-year-old Puerto Rican (1.95 m) is a traveler. Coming from Le Plessis-Robinson, he also passed through Israel, the United States, Poland, Saint-Nazaire (in 2018), Italy and Puerto Rico. He signed for one year (renewable).

To ensure reception and defense, Enzo Lopez will play the role of libero. A young player (18 years old in August) who arrives from the CNVB and will have everything to prove at a high level. His contract is for two years (renewable for one year).

Two Canadians and a "dad"

Around him, the receiver-attacker positions have also been changed. Coming from Nantes Rezé, the Brazilian Hugo De Leon(34 years old in July, two-year contract) will regain playing time that he gradually lost under the leadership of Hubert Henno. « It was important for me to have a “dad" next to Lopez», assures Luc Marquet. The other position was given to Jesse Elser, for one year. Coming from SVG Lüneburg (Germany), the Canadian (25 years old, 2.03 m) presents an offensive profile.

He will be accompanied in the major seven (as he is in the national team program) by his compatriot Daenan Gyimah, who arrives from Hurrikaani Loimaa (Finland) on a one-year contract. A 26-year-old center (2.03 m) who went under the radar after several years with UCLA (United States), which Luc Marquet defines as « an athlete, "jumper", smart and possessing two types of services ». Still at the center, Danylo Hrytsenko signed his first professional contract (one year renewable).

Finally, Célestin Cardin will return to his pointy position at the start of the school year. His rehabilitation is obviously going very well, he will go to Capbreton for three weeks in May, then again three weeks before the preparation. To support him, the club has hired, for two years, Tristan Schlienger, a young sharp (19 years old, 2.07 m) from the CNVB.

Frustrations to erase

So we changed almost everything, from floor to ceiling. For the team expected to start the matches, the average age will increase from 31 to 27 and the height from 1.95 m to 1.99 m (excluding libero). « The ’poly skills"  aspect was important», adds the Sète coach. « We have interchangeable players on the attacking positions. The three centers are of equivalent levels. We also have some vengeful players like De Leon and Iglesias. Everyone may have felt frustration in their club and will want to erase that. As for the playing philosophy, we let go a little in reception to give a little more in attack. Iglesias is a passer who plays and makes plays, he can offer anything with a reception one meter from him. »

In his last year of contract, Luc Marquet will therefore have to build a new collective. Brazil, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Canada, Ukraine and France must only have one flag, that of Sète.

If it was the der at Barrou, it was magnificent

This Saturday, March 9, the probable farewell to the legendary market hall of Barrou (before returning to its modern version in two years) were particularly careful. We will remember that, against a Tours team which is among the finest in the championship, Luc Marquet's troops pulled off a heroic match. Beaten 26-28 in the first set, the Sétois showed great pride to revolt and snatch the second 29-27, before literally rolling over their opponents in the next two. A 3-1 victory which, beyond offering a magnificent farewell, maintains the hope of getting on the playoff train at the last second. If Paris does not win in Nice on Saturday, it will be necessary to take three points in Nantes then three others, on the last day, in Paris.

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