Volleyball: the end of the dream of the Béziers Angels, beaten by Volley Mulhouse Alsace

Volleyball: the end of the dream of the Béziers Angels, beaten by Volley Mulhouse Alsace

LesBéziers Angels n’ont pas démérité, mais se sont inclinées au bout du suspense. Dorian Cayuela

The Béziers Angels lost (2-3), Friday evening, against Volley Mulhouse Alsace, for the third match of the AF League quarter-finals. A defeat synonymous with the end of the season for the Béziers volleyball players.

The exploit did not take place, sealing the end of their last hopes of experiencing a great and beautiful epic on the national scene. One of those which allowed them to bring home, just a year ago, the very first Coupe de France in the history of the club. But this time, the magic did not work as the Béziers Angels would have liked.

A defeat and regrets

Guilty of too many errors and powerless against the Mulhouse armada at the start of the match, the Biterroises had difficulty getting started and logically conceded the first set (21-25). A scenario almost identical to that of the start of the week (editor's note: 3-0 defeat in Mulhouse) and which could portend the worst. But that was without counting on a real burst of pride from Fabien Simondet’s players. Under the impetus of the supersonic services of Laura Milos and an offensive efficiency finally regained, the Biterroises completely reversed the appearance of the match and came back to match their opponents (25-13). Back to back, the two teams then engaged in a huge fight in the third round. A constant battle which ultimately ended up turning in favor of the Alsatians (22-25). But as it was written that they would fight until the end not to see their dreams disappear, the Béziers Angels once again gained the upper hand over a less sharp VMA team and once again beaten in the fourth round (25-19). And it was finally at the end of the suspense, in an unbearable tie-break, that the difference would end up being in favor of the Mulhousiennes (9-15).

A defeat which therefore spells the end of hopes for the Béziers club. The last lines of a season ended in tears and regrets.

The technical sheet

Béziers, Palais des sports
Details of sets: 21-25 (in 27’), 25-13 (in 21’), 22-25 (in 33’), 25-19 (in 32’), 9- 15 (in 19’).
Referees: Messrs. Siegl and Sarwei.
BÉZIERS ANGELS: 76 points, 8 aces, 9 blocks, 41% receiving, 59 winning attacks at 42% efficiency, 34 faults (including 10 on serve).
Starting six: Ogoms (12), Milos (12), Powell (4), Szczurowska (15), Hoffman (23), Gray (9). Then Victoria (1). Libero: Bernard. Coach: Fabien Simondet.
MULHOUSE: 75 points, 7 aces, 7 blocks, 29% receiving, 62 winning attacks at 43% efficiency, 41 faults (including 15 on serve).
Starting six: Van Avermaet (10), Winters (7), Mayer (1), Nana (15), Snyder (19), Legros (19). Then Siftar (3), Sager-Weider (1).  Libero: Soldner. Coach: François Salvagni.

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