Volleyball: the U18s in bronze, a victory for the Arago de Sète team

Volleyball: the U18s in bronze, a victory for the Arago de Sète team

Supporters et dirigeants ont fait le déplacement pour soutenir l’équipe lors de ces phases finales.

La Coupe de France a vu les joueurs de Charly Rispal, à Lyon, monter sur le podium.

After having shone in Paris during the last round, the young U18s of Arago once again achieved a very good performance in Lyon, during the final stages of the Coupe de France.

Winners of their first two group matches against Pipriac (25-12, 25-16) and Saint-Nazaire (25-22, 25-16) in a fiery atmosphere and in front of their supporters and leaders who came in large numbers, they followed up with a serious and diligent match against Tours (25-23, 25-19), which allowed them to reach the final square.

Volleyball: the U18s in bronze, a victory for the Arago de Sète team

The sailor top was required.

Third of 285

The young protégés of Charly Rispal then found the PUC, big favorite of the competition, in the semi-final. After a high-level first set, Arago fell against the Parisians (22-25, 15-25), but bounced back in the best way against Fréjus (25-21, 25-23). A final victory which gave him a superb bronze medal.

The pride of a club

Third out of 285 teams entered at the start of this Coupe de France, the Sétois can be proud. And in particular their president Alain Bilicki, who was present in Lyon to support them: « This medal is testimony to the crucial importance of the amateur sector and training from a very young age. This is an immense source of pride for the entire amateur sector and more generally for the club. This also demonstrates the determination and unfailing commitment of our educators – around twenty to date – towards the development of young people. This weekend, our U18s brought home a medal, but we also salute the very good performance of our U11s (the girls qualified for the national finals in Cambrai) and our U13s who lost in the last round of the Coupe de France… There are 17 teams defending the colors of Arago and even more parents who accompany and support our players every weekend. »

Now it's time for the players from the Training Center to take over by competing in the Élite Avenir finals in Rennes, from May 16 to 20.

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