Volleyball: with his head on the handlebars, Arago de Sète no longer has any questions to ask

Volleyball: with his head on the handlebars, Arago de Sète no longer has any questions to ask

Ardo Kreek et les siens ont encore une vue sur les playoffs. MIDI LIBRE – Jérôme Belluire

Il faut gagner, ce samedi 2 mars à Tourcoing (19 h), pour rester dans la course aux playoffs.

The final sprint towards the playoffs is launched and Arago is lagging behind. In a complicated exercise, marked by injuries but also by some disappointments, the end of the regular phase is fast approaching and concerns are becoming clearer.

Higher category

This Saturday evening, Luc Marquet's troops will face Tourcoing in the North. Not easy. The TLM actually occupies fourth place in the Marmara SpikeLigue, with fifteen victories in twenty-two matches.

A team which, more than seeking the podium, will certainly fight to maintain this fourth place, synonymous with home advantage in the round of 16. Montpellier and Saint-Nazaire are actually only one point behind…

In two consecutive defeats (0-3 against Chaumont and 3-1 in Montpellier), the Tourquennois had, just before, beaten Tours (3-2) and Nantes (1-3).

This seems to be, beyond the classification, of a higher category. But this championship has surprises in store and, whatever happens, the Sétois, seven points behind eighth place occupied by Paris, no longer have the slightest question to ask themselves. The window closes a little more each day.

A hope to maintain

According to the result in Paris, this Friday in Nantes, a defeat in Tourcoing would sign the end of the race for the playoffs for the Sétois. On the other hand, in the best scenario, a victory could bring Arago back to four points, three days before the final verdict.

Whether it is to delay the deadline or maintain hope, the Sétois in any case have part of their destiny in their hands. All that remains is to go for it, head on the handlebars.

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