Volochkova almost died right on the stage, even the twine forgot: video

Волочкова едва не погибла прямо на сцене, даже о шпагате забыла: видео

today, 12:58

Famous Russian ballerina Anastasia Volochkova, who is famous in the world with his incredible splits, seriously scared fans a very unhealthy look.

The star of the ballet gave a Frank interview to one of Russian TV channels.

Волочкова едва не погибла прямо на сцене, даже о шпагате забыла: видео

Anastasia Volochkova, photo: Social networks

So, during the conversation, the actress talked about their concerts, where the public come for free. Also the ballerina complained that none of the haters do not understand, in what amount it actually costs her such generosity. And Volochkova said that on the eve of a meeting with reporters, she almost died during the performance numbers.

“I almost crashed in a cage on its own winch, which I bought for my own money. Just because the conditions of the hall were not allowed to raise her to great heights. Don’t want to tell this story, it really was terrible. I could die,” — said the ballerina.

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However, the users of YouTube, where there was a record of the interview, was horrified not from the macabre stories of stage accidents. Nick anxiously drew attention to the facial expressions and behavior Volochkova. Watched the video believe that the actress was too pale and lethargic. The explanation for this, in the opinion of the audience was obvious. “As always thumping”; “Damn she’s drunk”; “She drunk or something?” — I suspect the audience.

Recall that the “Figure of fire”: Todorenko followed by Loboda and Volochkova was surprised by the stretching in a bikini.

As reported Znayu instead of boots with shorts: Volochkova suddenly transformed with the help of the wig.

Znayu wrote, “hysterical paroxysm”: Volochkova was puzzled by the strange behavior is due to the gift.

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