Volochkova arranged lover professional “famine”: that made his opponent go to extremes

Волочкова устроила любовнику профессиональный "голодомор": что заставило противницу Шнурова пойти на крайности

Anastasia Volochkova, photo: RBC

today, 14:22

Ballerina Anastasia Volochkova makes her lover sit on a rigid diet along with it. On his page in Instagram Volochkova posted a video of the resort where she now rests.

Volochkova, who is now on the foreign resort, swimming, sunbathing and riding on a yacht, even on vacation, keeping fit. It seems that her lover, which still knows nothing, is forced also to diet along with a ballerina.

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“Forever green refrigerator in all corners of the world. So good in a private Villa! Load the fridge lettuce, eggs, olive oil and soy sauce and life is good. Only men hard with this diet. But all lose weight”, – wrote Volochkova under the video.

In the comments, the reaction to the video was mixed. “I think men in this house no” “In Thailand, the eggs don’t cook and eat seafood,” wrote others.

We remind that recently Volochkova has posted a video greeting for fans in image of the snow Maiden.

Also celebrity decided to run through the temples. Outfit actress chose your style: red-haired and with a deep neckline.

And Volochkova at the end of the summer I remembered that she has a daughter. And a new horse. So she decided to spend time with your friend.

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